I have eaten freshly picked newborn bonito and bonito and moray eels that can only be eaten here in Susaki City and Nakatosa Town.

'Medica' means Marusoda (Auxis), and 'new child' means fry within one year of birth. Since the freshness will soon drop and you will not be able to eat it, it will only be eaten in Susaki City and Nakatosa Town where it is landed, and the time is limited from early August to mid-September. It is a valuable ingredient. I have eaten fresh fish unique to Uonomachi, such as the newborn baby of the deer, the bonito that is famous all over the country, and the moray eel dish that I eat for the first time, so I summarized them.

First of all, I came to the fish market in Susaki City to see the freshly landed fish including the newborn baby. The big signboard of the local character

Shinjo is a landmark.

Shortly after arriving around 9:30 am, a loud siren rang. Auctions have begun in the fish market.

The landed fish were lined up by type.

When I asked which fish the newborn baby was, I was told that it was in this basket. All of these are not medica, only the right one column is medica, and the left two columns are shiros (hirasoda).

At first glance, I didn't know how it was different, so I asked them to line up. The top is Magica and the bottom is Shiros. There is a slight difference in appearance such as the roundness and pattern of the body, but as for the body, Shiros can be eaten even if the general public catches it and takes it home, but the freshness of the deer is reduced during the time it is taken home and it becomes impossible to eat It is said that it is a difficult fish to handle, saying that even if you catch it, you have no choice but to return it to the sea.

It would be nice if you could eat it as it is, but I couldn't find a restaurant in Susaki that I could eat early, so I headed to the '

Kuretaishomachi Market ' in the neighboring Nakatosa Town.

The market is a small market of about 50m, but there are many shops selling fresh fish and fried foods.

At the cafeteria, you can bring in the fish you bought, have them cooked, and eat them.

I heard that you can handle the fish you bought on the spot, so I decided to order it.

When I asked if there was a newborn baby, he said, 'Is the last one small, but is it okay?', So I ordered both newborn magica and newborn Shiros for comparison. I will start judging immediately.

First, peel off the skin ...

It was dropped into 3 pieces in no time.

If you remove extra parts such as blood ...

Only a clean body remains.

After being cut into bite-sized pieces and served on a plate, the skin of '

Bushukan ', a type of vinegar mandarin orange similar to yuzu and mandarin oranges, was rubbed and sprinkled on the sashimi.

This completes the sashimi. Comes with a bush.

When I asked him how to eat it, he said, 'Please squeeze a lot of bushkan,' so squeeze it as much as you can.

First of all, from the sashimi of the newborn baby. When I try to eat it, the body is delicate and soft, and it has a chewy texture rather than elasticity. This chewy feeling was something I had never experienced with sashimi of fish I had ever eaten. Bushkan is not too sour, and it has a nice scent of mandarin oranges while retaining the flavor of medica.

This is Shirosu's newborn sashimi. This newborn of Shiros was not as shocking as the newborn of Magica, but it had a chewy texture. It was delicious when I dipped it in soy sauce and soy sauce. The total price was 850 yen (tax included), but the price varies depending on the catch of the day and will be the market price.

I returned to Susaki and came to the roadside station '

Kawauso no Sato Susaki '.

Here you can see a demonstration of bonito no tataki straw grilling. It is not decided when you can see it, and it is said that you should visit when the products run out, so it depends on your luck whether you can see the demonstration.

A bonito that is roasted vigorously.

I ordered it because it can be eaten for 500 yen (tax included) per person.

Coarse salt is applied to the thickly cut bonito. There are also slices of green onions, onions and garlic.

First, try eating it with garlic. Although the bonito's body is tender and the taste is firm, the fragrant aroma of the roasted straw produces the effect of smoking, and the peculiar habit of bonito is no longer felt.

When I dipped it in garlic sashimi soy sauce and ate it, the bonito and soy sauce went well together, and the garlic scent and spiciness were added to give it a rich taste. I want rice.

The next day, after the

local character festival in Susaki held in Susaki City, go to ' Kiraku Restaurant ' in the city, and the address is '2-9 Minamifuruichimachi, Susaki City, Kochi Prefecture'.

At this shop, I ordered sashimi of a newborn baby, and said, 'Since it is full of reservations, sashimi will end with only one serving,' so I was lucky to have the last dish here as well, following the Kuretaishomachi Market. It became an order at.

First, squeeze the bush.

Put all the thick soy sauce with wasabi on the sashimi and dip it.

Nakatosa Town and Susaki City are next to each other, but there is a unique way to cut sashimi, and in Susaki City, the skin is left unpeeled and chopped. The sashimi has the same chewy texture as when eaten at the market, but it is more chewy because it has a skin.

The sashimi is accompanied by daikon radish and other knobs as a side dish, but here it was served with thinly sliced vegetables called Ryukyu. It has a crispy texture and is delicious even if you let it suck soy sauce and bush.

I also ordered bonito flakes, and myoga is placed on top of the tataki. This myoga is a special product that Susaki City boasts the highest sales in Japan. If you eat it vigorously with bonito flakes, green onions, garlic, and ginger, the fresh and crispy texture of ginger and the texture of the tataki meat will be well combined, and you will be able to eat more deliciously.

There was moray eel fried chicken in the menu. Even if I order it, I will eat it for the first time, so I'm terribly waiting ...

The fried chicken of the moray eel was brought in.

It has a skin. The body is like white meat.

When I ate it with salt, the meat was white fish itself and had no habits, and it was fresh, so it had a crispy texture. It was similar to anglerfish and said that it also contained collagen. This is not a kind of get-together that you will be satisfied with once you eat it, but if you see it as a menu at another time, you will want to order it. The skin is a little hard because it is hot, so it's a little hard to eat.

I found out that I have no habit, so I will try to eat moray eel.

The pattern on the skin is clearly visible. The meat was almost cooked, and it was easy-to-eat white meat with no habit like karaage. The area around the skin is elastic, and you can enjoy the texture of eating sea cucumbers and shellfish.

This is Mexicali fried chicken. Umami is felt in the light white meat, and the texture is pre-prepared, so I ate this for the first time, but it was a gem that seems to be one of the menus that I can not miss.

At the end, tighten with pot-grilled ramen. It comes in a simmering boil. Before saying 'Be careful because it's hot', the clerk was 'hot' and burned. The difference from other stores seems to be that they contain wood ear mushrooms.

When I asked the clerk about it, he said, 'I put mochi on the bottom.'

Nabeyaki Ramen has the same deep umami of chicken broth as

'I ate Kochi's famous' Nabeyaki Ramen ', which has a rich taste of chicken stock and can be eaten hot in a clay pot, in Susaki City, the birthplace.' It was delicious because I could eat it easily while listening to it.

Not only the fresh fish unique to the fishing port town, but also vegetables, citrus fruits and fruits are very delicious, and the environment was so fulfilling that I wanted to move and eat every day. The newborn baby is something that can only be eaten here, but other fish and ingredients can be obtained through mail order, souvenirs, and hometown tax refunds .

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