Apple announces "Apple Watch Series 2" with waterproof function and GPS

Apple announced "Apple Watch Series 2" at a new product launch being held. It has a waterproof function of 50 m and it is possible to swim while wearing it.

Apple Events - Keynote September 2016 - Apple

The appearance of a new Apple Watch.

The new Apple Watch has waterproof performance.

It can withstand water depth of 50 m.

The structure looks something like this.

The speaker has a secret ......

Normally speakers need air, so they can not be sealed ... ...

In this regard, the new Apple Watch developed its own speaker that drains water from inside the terminal.

In addition, the workout application can also respond to swimming, and it is possible to record the swimming distance and calories burned.

New Apple Watch adopts second generation SiP

Dual core


Night Sky 4

The display is brighter than any terminal announced in the past.

Therefore, you can check the display display firmly even in bright places during the day.

Built-in GPS ......

You can record exactly where you moved etc.

It seems that applications such as hiking are also installed.

The design looks something like this.

Of course the band can be replaced.

Newly appearedApple Watch HermèsThe design is as follows.

In addition, we partnered with Nike and announced "Apple Watch Nike Plus" for runners.

We invite runners to running, with information that "I am not running for 6 days" and "I am sunny today."

There are 4 kinds of color lineup.

The price of Apple Watch Series 2 is 369 dollars (about 37 thousand yen)

The old model will be priced and will be sold for $ 269 (about 27,300 yen).

The release date is September 16, 2016.

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