Production Amount Produced in Aomori Prefecture in Japan The garlic taste of Garlic is suitable for rice balls "Taste kudzakusaki rice oil taste" Taste Review

In Lawson's popular hot food "Karakage Kun" there is "Limited local series" of limited-time flavor that will raise local specialties from around Japan. From Tuesday, August 23, 2016, we used garlic produced in Aomori Prefecture, Japan's largest amount of "Burned rice oil tasteI tried to eat actually how much garlic is beneficial because it appeared.

"Karugata Kujirushi Ra Oil Flavor" August 23 (Tue) released! | Lawson Research Institute

Lamb deep-fried rice cracker oil seasoning | Lawson

That's why I bought a savory crispy rice oil taste.

In the package are printed illustrations of flavored vegetables and fried garlic with larceny.

When looking at the reverse side, commentary such as "Completely finished with garlic paste of Aomori prefecture Tajiki produced by Aomori prefecture Taicho based on flavor of flavored rice oil, and fried onion" was written.

The contents are like this and 5 pieces per pack and it is 216 yen including tax.

The appearance of rice flavor taste is slightly reddish, but the color from regular rather than red. The fragrance of garlic just brings you close to your mouth invites your appetite.

When you eat a bite, the taste of garlic spreads in your mouth, you can also feel the flavor of flavorful vegetables thoroughly fried with oil, you will like rice balls such as rice balls. I felt the flavor of spicy rice oil on a faintly but it is a level I do not know that there is no oil when it is not told, so it seems that people who do not like spicy foods can eat safely. Garlic is solid enough to say "Aomori prefecture garlic taste", so be careful of odor before meeting people.

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