What is the turning point that made dramatically speed up making coffee at home?

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Coffee that can be made easily and quickly even in a short time such as when getting up or taking a break is a drink widely popular among ordinary families along with tea and tea. As long as it is not a coffee passenger, I will not do roasting coffee from beans and dripping, but it was common to do roasting to dripping at home until a while ago. Coffee which was such a troublesome drink was said that the way of making was simplified at a stroke by a person's idea, TED known at the presentation conference is organizing the story of the time into a creative animation movie.

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A man named William H. Bovee who worked at Hopw Mills, a coffee shop popular in New York in 1849, came to California boiling with a gold rush.

Mr. Bovee's dream is to take advantage of the gold rush and develop business. However, Mr. Bovee, who drinks coffee, said he was shocked to find that the roasted beans sold at the coffee shop in California have not been released yet in New York.

In the western part of the United States including California of those days, I bought coffee raw beans, roasted at home and was grinding with a tool with a hand crank that was not a coffee mill. Unlike in New York, coffee culture has not developed in California, Mr. Bovee thinks that it will be easier to enjoy coffee in general homes.

So Bovee founded a company called "Pioneer Steam Coffee & Spice Mill" and released the first coffee mill in California. The coffee mill was sold as a set of coffee beans and consumers were able to put coffee at home more easily than before.

Mr. Bovee stepped up further from the coffee mill, grinded the roasted beans in large quantities with a special coffee mill, packed it in cans and sold it, although the sales of coffee mills set with coffee beans were good I will come up with the idea.

Canned coffee with ground beans can be drunk just by dripping if you purchase it. Mr. Bovee succeeded in significantly shortening the time consumer spent on putting coffee. From this time, coffee has become well established among citizens as a drink that can be easily drunk at home. Now coffee beans which have been ground and powdered after roasting are also sold at supermarkets and convenience stores, but Mr. Bovee was the pioneer of this.

Mr. Bovee then sold Pioneer Steam Coffee & Spice Mill to his colleague Jim Folger. LaterFolger's Coffee"The company has grown to become a coffee brand that is widely used in the United States as of 2016 as of 2016.

In the comment section of the movie, "It is a very good story, but the movie papercraft is so terrible that I can not concentrate on the story", "Paper craft is wonderful and needs to be seen twice to understand the story" from coffee Also contributed by movies Since users' interests in the animation of paper crafts are outstanding, people who are not interested in coffee can also enjoy it.

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