"Pokémon Nike iD" that can sell sneakers with the motif of the original Pokemon emerging in Pokemon GO as it is

From sneakers to multiple types of shoes such as running shoes, spikes, basketball shoes, etc. Choose your favorite shoe design, customize every part of your shoes from upper to sole to your favorite color and material, in the world A service that can order only one's own exclusive shoes is "NIKEiD"is. Using such NIKEiD, we expressed the Pokemon that appears in the first Pokemon "Pokémon Nike iD"Has appeared, and 68 kinds of innovative designs using Pokemon as a motif are made public at the time of article creation, and it is now possible to purchase this as it is.

Pokémon Nike iD

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Fusidigane expresses "Nike Air Presto" with Fusidiganine color.

Fushigidane No. 2. Arrange basketball shoes "Nike Zoom KD 9".

Fushigibana, the final evolution of Fusidigane, expresses it by using the pink color of the flower part as a color. The type of shoes is "Nike Air Presto".

Fushigibana Part 2 uses a design that is characteristic of upper graphics. As a graphic as if it was made to express Fushigibana, shoes are running shoes "Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 33".

Simple "Orange" "Nike Air Presto" is a human lizard motif.

Lizard is represented by a blazing red "Nike sock dart".

Lizard 2 is the same color red ring, but women's running shoes knitted upper material "Nike Fly Knit Air Max".

Lizardon is expressed as "Nike Air Max 1 Ultra Fly Knit". The coloring of shoes becomes complicated each time it evolves.

The turtle is gathered up in a simple design of the blue line with "Nike sock dart".

Representing Kamex with deep blue color near dark blue and "Nike Air Presto".

In Kamex part 2, the basketball shoes "Leblon 13" with a more colorful color scheme.

Green and yellow gradation is beautiful This is a transcracker motif. Shoes "Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 33".

"Butterfree" designed with "Nike Fly knit Air Max" gives the impression that the upper of the knit material is feathery.

Spear motif shoes finished gorgeously with a goal. Based on the women's running shoes "Nike Air Max Luna 1 Essential".

Arbo is represented by putting a line of gold into "training Nike free trainer 5.0 V6" of training shoes.

Arbok finished in pop with "Nike Air Max 0".

Pikachu motif sneakers have been handled by NIKEiD in Japan.

Pikachu motif No.2 is "Nike Air Max 1 Ultra Fly Knit."

The sand is out of link and can not be ordered, but the type of shoes is the same as Spear 'Nike Air Max Luna 1 Essential'.

Nidokki has a good contrast between purple and white. I express it with basketball shoes "Lebron 13".

The purine motif sneakers are also handled at NIKEiD in Japan.

Designed shoes of Zubat motif with "Nike Air Max 2016".

Nazonokusa makes "Nike Air Prest" simple with dark blue and yellow green.

Expressing Companmo with "Nike Rosiwan" which adopted a characteristic quarter pattern called Optic mesh.

This is a Kodak motif This basketball shoe "Nike Zoom Lebron Soldier 10" is used.

Girdy is a running shoe for kids "Nike Free RN".

Nyo Roso motif sneakers are also handled by NIKEiD in Japan.

Uzubot motif shoes with lots of contrast in yellow, black and green. The model is "Nike Air Max 1 Ultra Fly Knit."

Sneakers of the menoclage motif are also handled at NIKEiD in Japan.

This is a shoes of Dokurakage Motif. Shoes is "Nike Air Max 0".

Ishizutyu expresses "Nike Air Max 95" with a gray coloration of astringent coloring.

The shoes of the Yadoran motif are "Lebron 13", which incorporates a beautiful yadran color.

Shoes of a coil motif arranged stylishly with red, blue, black magnet colors with training shoes "Nike metocon 2".

The rare coil is more complicated than the coil motif shoes, but the color scheme is somewhat similar. Shoes use "Nike Air Max 90 Ice" for women.

The shoes of the dugong motif characteristic of textiles are basketball shoes "Jordan Super Fly 5".

Goth motif shoes are a simple color scheme of black and purple. Shoes is a running shoe called "Nai Key Free RN Fly Knit".

Iko motif shoes are color choice of gray astringent as well as Ishizuta. The shoes are "running shoes for women" nike free run 2 ".

Basketball shoes with a contrast of red and white fresh "Nike Zoom KD 9" is a Biliridama motif.

Expressing Marmaine with training shoes "Nike Mecoton 2".

Nassie is a spike for American football "Nike Alpha Field General Elite D".

Representing the smog-like atmosphere of Dogars with mottled upper of 'Nike Free RN' running shoes for children.

Handling of Sideon motif sneakers ended in NIKEiD in Japan.

Upper print which is perfect enough to think that it was made for Mongara. The shoes are "basketball shoes called" Kobe 11 Elite. "

Basketball shoes that are perfect for the atmosphere of Azumaou "Nike SB SB Stefan Janosky". However, it is not possible to reproduce the side orange color from the order.

Strike motif is expressed as "Nike Rosiwan".

"Rajula motif" Nike Air Maxaxia ".

The elephant motif spike has been handled by NIKEiD in Japan.

The shoes of the koiking motif are represented by that name sneaker "Nike Air Force 1 MID". Coloring is just coking, but unlike coking it looks pretty cool.

Galados motif basketball shoes "Nike Zoom KD 9".

The shower motif 'Nike sock dart' is a point of the turquoise strap.

"Sneads motif" Nike SB Stefan Janoski Max "is a female skateboard shoe.

Polygon motif exquisite color scheme "Nike sock dart".

Freezer motif 'Nike Air Max 90'

Thunder motif 'Lebron 13'

Firemotive 'Nike Mercurial Veeper XI SG-PRO' is a spike for football.

Hakuryu motif "Lebron 13"

Mai tou motif 'Nike Air Max Luna 1 Essential'. I am choosing a glittering silver color on the upper part.

"Miu motif" Nike Rosi One "

As well as a designer who thought about various color scheme, it is also a hat to NIKEiD 's degree of freedom that can make all parts from abundant model number and outsole to upper all fully custom - made.

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