A real machine image of Google's latest model of "Nexus" series appears

The announcement will be held around October every year Google's Nexus series will have different manufacturers for each model, HTC is expected to work on new products in 2016. In July 2016 some ofSpec information leakedAlthough it was done, the image which is regarded as an actual machine appears this time.

Exclusive: Photos of the 2016 Nexus "Sailfish" in the [metallic] flesh

Google's next Nexus series, which HTC is developing, is expected to show 5 inch Sailfish and 5.5 inch Marlin, this time Android Police who hit a lot of leak information in the past released the actual image of Sailfish Did. According to Android Police, Sailfish and Marlin do not use plastics but they will become a metallic body using metallic materials.

As far as the actual machine image is concerned, it is highly likely that the upper part of the back with fingerprint authentication and a camera is made of glass. Also, Sailfish is not on the back "Nexus" but "G (Google
There is a possibility that the logo of ') will enter.

There seems nothing on the side except for the power button and the volume control button.

This is an image that anonymous contributor posted on Twitter as "Nexus's new model" the day before Android Police releases the actual machine image. Android Police says that the images they got and the images posted on Twitter are very similar.

In addition, the following leaked in JulyRendering image of Sailfish. Android Police is similar in image and design this time.

Also, smartphones called "G-2PW2100" and "G-2PW4100" made by HTC are using the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to manage the use of communication and radio wavesAcquire certificationIt turned out that it was doing. This "G - 2PW 2100" and "G - 2PW 4100" are expected to be Sailfish and Marlin, and Google 's font is used for the following label attached to the terminal.

The detailed specifications of the two models are not described in the FCC documentation, but the benchmark Geekbench quickly got Marlin'sPublish benchmark score. According to the published benchmark, Marlin adopted 1.6 GHz Snapdrogon 820 for the CPU, and the memory is 4 GB. Although the clock frequency is considerably low, it is thought that Geekbench measured the CPU's active core.

You can check the expected specs of Sailfish and Marlin from the following articles.

The next terminal of Google's smartphone "Nexus" series is rich in being made by HTC - GIGAZINE

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