Why do you think Mr. Eilon Mask "human beings live in computer simulation"?

One of the world's leading EV manufacturersTesla","SpaceX(Space X) "to advance space development, faster train than sonic speed"Hyperloop(Hyper Loop) "concept, such as Mr. Eulon Mask is a person who wants the name of a genius. Mr. Mask like this has been clarified from the past that it is the owner of the idea that "we are living in computer simulation" about the world where humanity lives.

Why Elon Musk says we're living in a simulation - YouTube

Mr. Mask considers this world to be a computer simulation.

At the conference held in June 2016 Mr. Mask said, "I think there is very little possibility that the society in which we live is a base reality," and tells why.

Mr. Mask, this world we live is like a virtual world being reproduced on computer games. This is what I thought as "impossible" when listening ... ...

Human society is also the history of interlacing such "common sense" and "truth". In the past, people have been widely supported by the "Fairy Theory" that the celestial bodies are all around the Earth.

However, it was the astronomers from the 16th century to the 17th century who opposed the idea,Galileo Galileiwas. Galileo chanted the theory that the earth is turning around the sun, but it was a well-known episode that it was put under a religious trial under this and was stamped for a long time as a heretic. After that, it was in the 1800 's that Galileo' s honor recovered after the terrorism theory was accepted.

However, there was a person who had been advocating the Giant Rebellion even before Galileo. Ancient Greek astronomer around 300 BCAristarchusHe also advocated the theory of the theory (sun center theory). But what people still believed in those daysAristotleIt was the theory that "the universe is centered on the earth" that was being spoken, and since 2000 it has never been admitted that this theory is correct. In this way, it is true that people do not grasp the true figure properly.

Mr. Mask inquires a couple of times, it is the Swedish philosopher'sNick BostromIt is a "simulation hypothesis" advocated by a professor.

Mr. Mask explains the evolution of the game as an example as follows. "40 years ago, a table tennis game playing with white bars and boxes"Pon"had"

"Thereafter, the current game is a video that is almost indistinguishable from reality, and enters the world with VR goggles etc. Moreover, many people are simultaneously playing in the same space.In addition, its performance is year It keeps improving every time I follow it. "

So, what kind of situation is the world after 10,000 years from now?

In the future world, perhaps civilization may be completely lost. Because human progress has limitations.

It may be caused by global warming. Or it may be the emergence of a robot that acquires self-multiplication ability as a result of evolution. In other words, the world like the movie "Terminator 2" may actually come.

However, there is another possibility. It is the emergence of a society in which technology continues to develop as human beings continue to progress as it is, and the human beings can be completely simulated.

Moreover, it is the arrival of a society that can simulate the brains of all people around the world.

Professor Bostrom said that if a small computer capable of simulating one person gathers at a level that one planet can do, it will be able to simulate the planet itself. For example, if you send a self-propelled robot to a planet, the planet will eventually transform into one huge computer.

Then, some simulations themselves begin to create new simulations on their own.

Going through this theory means that there can be several cosmos that can not be distinguished from our universe. This means that if you turn backwards, our universe may be a simulated universe.

If the possibility of the future is divided into "disappearance of civilization" and "simulation society", Mr. Mask says that the simulation society desires.

But there may be other options. That is "human beings in the future do not desire descendant simulation".

In order to think that the reason probably is "contrary to morality". There are many suffering in the world ... ...

That is because it can be felt as real as human beings living in the simulation as well.

To summarize, there are three possibilities in the future society. Firstly, "Mankind will be destroyed before such a large-scale simulation is realized." Secondly, "human beings think that simulation is" mistake "or" bored ", not selecting. And the third is "we are already living in the simulation". Mr. Mask thinks the possibility is very low for No. 1 and No. 2 out of these three.

Professor Bostrom estimates the possibility of number 3 as 20%.

Even those who are not interested in such forecasts, Professor Bostrom thinks that there is a merit to thinking about this problem.

That's because "a naturalistic metaphor reminds me of the concept of a particular traditional religion."

If you are living in the world of simulation, there surely should be "people at the upper level", which is already represented by people like this painting.

When thinking about this, people's arguments fall into an endless thing that loops forever.

Therefore, Mr. Mask said that it is a good timing to talk about this. That's the story with my brother ... ...

It seems to be said to avoid things when using the bathtub ... It seems that this story is part of a big simulation, apparently.

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