"Evolution of Apple" that the evolution of Apple's product is crisp and easy to understand in about 3 minutes

A movie depicting the evolutionary process of Apple's successive products is "Evolution of Apple". Although it does not necessarily appear in time series, the history from Macintosh to iPhone is condensed in the movie of 3 minutes.

Evolution of Apple - YouTube

My hands stretched ......

It grabbed with a patch ... ...

The first "Macintosh" that appeared in 1984.

"At the moment there are only two computers that have a name in history, one is Apple II, which was announced in 1977, and the other is IBM PC, which was announced in 1981. Today, from the appearance of Lisa 1 Years, we will be presenting a third product to be named in history.Macintosh We have been working on the development of the Mac for the past two years, the result - "Mechakuta awesome" ( Insanely great "and one of co-founder of AppleSteve JobsIsAnnouncementI heard he did.

This is "Power Macintosh 6100".

"PowerMac G3"

Display integrated desktop machine "iMac". Once Apple was banished,NeXTSteve Jobs who returned to Apple on acquisition and was mainly developed by the model.

"IBook" that appeared in 1999

"Power Macintosh Cube"

"IMac DV"

The movable arm extended from the hemispherical main body that appeared in 2002, and the "iMac G4" with the liquid crystal display connected to the end

The first iPod "iPod" appeared in 2001.WikipediaAccording to the concept "It brings out the music contained in the library of iTunes to the outside" "It is first with iTunes", it is clearly different from other digital music players that preceded.

"IBook G4"

"IMac Slimmer intel"

Video-enabled fifth generation "iPod"CM that appointed a singer such as U2It is a topic.

"IPod nano"


"Mac Pro"

Users who use Windows are not cool, users using the Mac show that they are smart in everything, and the comparison CM which became a topic in many ways "PCvsMac"

"IPod touch"

Fourth generation "iPod nano" where various colors appeared

This is the third generation "iPod nano"

"IPhone" first appeared in 2008.

It realizes smooth image quality.


Not only appearance and touch, but also durability is one of the features.

The word of functional beauty suits you well.


"Mac Book Pro"

OS X LION"Mac Book Air" on board

Apple's products have brought about major changes in people's lives.

SiriOperation by voice recognition also possible.

Multiple fingers, called "multi-touch", can be manipulated at the same time, enabling a variety of variations such as scaling of the screen.

You can enjoy painting as if you are drawing a picture on paper by "iPad" ....

It was possible to read e-books as if turning over pages of genuine books.

Furthermore, I shot movies ......

Sharing fun with many people also by projecting on iPad or TV.

"IOS 6" map application is still room for improvement, but ...

It should be convenient enough to use Santa Claus.

It is a movie that understands how our life has changed with the evolution of Apple's products.

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