While gazing at the garlic & rosy cutlet with appetite, it is unexpectedly easy to taste "Salt cutlet of vegetables added more"

The vegetables served like mountains on rice and roast cuts, plenty of specially made garlic salt leaves "Increasing additional salted pork cutlet of vegetables"Appears on August 12, 2016 (Fri), a pork cutlet specialty store" Koya ". I went to a shop to eat it because I wanted to put stamina at a time when the appetite declined due to the heat.

Tonkatsu and bowl "Koya" Official Website | 【Limited Time Limited】 Salt Cutlet of Increasing Essentials

Arrived slightly.

The announcement of "Salt cutlet on rice-growing vegetables" listed in front of the shop is quite impact-sounding.

After entering the shop and after ordering, salty katsu don bowl of vegetables arrived to increase further after a while. The more the smell of pure garlic is drifted at this point, the more presence of garlic is intense.

From the side, you can see that the vegetables are seriously wrapped.

This bowl has this diameter.

Salt leaves are plenty on vegetables.

There is enough vegetable presence to think that "meat really is ... ...?", But a pork cutlet came in between rice and vegetables properly.

Vegetables are shredded cabbage, mizuna, tsuma (shredded radish) is used

Loose cutlets are juicy moistly. Clothes are crispy, it is good even if you eat it as it is, but you may think that a little loose cuts are severe for those who appetite falls in the summer.

However, when you eat vegetables, garlic salt drip, loin cutlets together, the taste of meat and the fragrance of garlic spread in the mouth, the appetite rises. It is a taste which is quite "guts", but salt which has a little sourness has complemented the sweetness of radish and cabbage, and thanks to vegetables it is comparatively easy to taste. It is not so greasy and the aroma and taste of garlic, it seems that chopsticks will advance even when there is no appetite.

Of course the compatibility with rice is the best. Rice and salt The rice which was firmly entwined was able to eat steadily even with the cutlet even without cutlets.

In addition, salty Katsu-rice bowl of vegetables is increasing 637 yen including tax.

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