I ate soup with fried crunch of crisp crab "Kotyujan salad Katsu-ronburi" in a summer limited with a lot of pepper sauce

It is a time when appetite disappears due to the heat, but even at such times I used plenty of pepper-sauce that I'm going to eat something without thinking "Gochujang salad pork cutlet on rice"Sayaka sells from August 14 (Fri) 2015. I have actually eaten a special Katsujang noodle for a fresh and juicy pork cutlet, and I actually eat katsu - don with a limited summer that toppings of cabbage and mizuna.

Pork cutlet and bowl "Koya" official website | Kochujan salad Katsu bowl start! It is!

Arrived slightly.

Before the shop, "rice cake" was said to be "taste!

When entering the shop and getting on the seat ......

I found a pepper sauce cutlet on a table on the table. It is redness that does not seem to be a pine bowl with spicyness being transmitted just by looking at the pictures.

After ordering, the red pepper katsu rice bowl arrived in a few minutes.

On top of the pork cutlet you will have a lot of sesame seeds with pepper paste.

Speaking of pork cutlets is cabbage, but in the case of red pepper katsudon rice bowl, mizuna is also included.

So, first of all I try to eat katsu, first of all I feel the taste of peppers and pepper paste. It is hot and spicy, but there are not only painful but complex taste, it mixes with juicy pork fat and meets meat-like desires firmly. It is also good that glue and sesame plus the fragrance.

Peach paste Enjoy the crispy texture on the part not hung on ......

The taste of the tattoo is stained and it is slightly softer, you can enjoy two textures. Just when I continued to eat, my spirit increased and I sweat beneath my nose.

When eating with vegetables and rice which is freshly shakyaki, a little bit of hotness will soften.

Chopsticks steadily stepped forward without food even though rice cooked no food, and eaten quickly without losing momentum to the end.

In addition, Kochujan salad Katsu rice is ¥ 637 including tax, Koyyan juice salad cutlet with rice and broth, including tax 745 yen.

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