The movie 'Spatial Bodies' grows like a living thing growing up in the Osaka building group

A work that puts the unreality that the building grows like a living thing into a picture is called "Spatial Bodies"is. Spatial Bodies shot in Osaka,AUJIKIn the movie produced by the artist, the state that the building bends in a way that the building can not exist has both beauty and bad feeling.

Spatial Bodies on Vimeo

Spatial Bodies, inspired by Japanese warships and metabolism architecture, game "Katamari", depicts how buildings grow and self-regenerate in the city's jungle.

Buildings that are connected by impossible shapes seem to be images of the near future.

Bill disregards the law of physics completely and is bending with Guignaguna in various directions.

Not only to the building but to the road to Gignaggua.

A building that has been connected and grown like a bird's nest. It is not the city of Osaka that I have seen any longer.

The building in the lower right of the screen ......

It stretches and shrinks like a human being who makes an abdominal muscle.

It is creepy to watch the group of buildings turning round, but at the same time it feels beautiful, and it feels like a strange feeling.

If you breathe life into an inorganic building made with human hands, it may be like a rampage like this.

At the center of the image is the highest in Japan, Abe no Harukasu, but a part of the building is growing in unlikely direction.

Tsutenkaku of the tourist attraction seems to be dancing.

It is shocking that the scenery you usually see changes drastically just by changing the viewpoint you see. Many AUJIK's works have painting power that is drawn for some reason just by looking like 'Spatial Bodies'Official siteIt seems good to check with.

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