Surreptitious photographs of people who doubt their eyes and photographed people who are no longer in the area of ​​art

French photographerAlain Delorme"Totem" by Mr.totem poleoftotem) Was named the series,Rear carSuch as "everything is overloading ......" to shoot the people who piled up a lot of supplies awaitingly as much as they want to thrust in, and it has a strong impact.

You may say that 'loading' itself is a piece of art, and people carrying it are artists as they come.

Details are as below.Alain delorme: totems

The photo was Alain Delorme staying from 2009 to 2010ShanghaiIt was taken with. Is the mask an exhaust gas countermeasure?

Fix a large number of office chairs with rope. It may be a scene that can hardly be seen in Japan, but this is still the beginning.

It seems that a passerby who pushes a wheelchair looking backwards unexpectedly, so it seems that such a sight is not necessarily a daily event in Shanghai as expected.

It seems that the young man carrying the ladder is also quite a sense of balance feeling, but when passing with a man who carries a large amount of tires, it may be that "I also day one day ... ..." to give a longing to the longing view.

SomehowTakashi MurakamiA chic sight. Is it selling at stalls of festivals, inflatable toy with the air in it?

Furniture is full.

This is like a futon. If that comes to mind, is not it just a piece of cake, including moving just by a rear car?

It seems like it was seemingly neatly piled up, and as you look closely it is hiding the danger that the place is going to collapse. Overloaded craftsmenGengaIt might be good at such as.

Skyscraper, pink wall, carrying person. A wonderful balance that distant, middle and near view intersect. It seems to make full use of retouching, but it is an amazing sight anyhow.

It is a giant city in Shanghai, a forested high-rise building like a tower and growing steadily in the vertical direction, but it may be people carrying such a small "tower" that supports its development.

In addition to this I can see many of Alain Delorme's works on the following sites.

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