Headline news on August 9, 2016

Rakuten will be unlimitedly readable on August 9, 2016, 200 weekly magazines, economic magazines and fashion magazines for e-books at a monthly rate of 380 yen (excluding tax)Rakuten magazineWe have announced that it has started offering.

31 days free trial - Rakuten magazine: I want to read! Can be found, spread out

Rakuten magazine is a service that allows you to read magazine articles of 11 genres such as gourmet · travel, sports · outdoor, hobby · entertainment, from fashion and business as much as you like anytime anywhere at any time by smartphone or tablet. There are also pages on which you can read your own curation contents "article summary" that summarizes the articles readings by selecting stories of topics that readers are likely to be interested based on the seasons and trends, and various We are offering opportunities to meet articles that feature unique magazines. The usage fee is monthly · tax excluding 380 yen (410 yen including tax), or annual · tax 3600 yen (tax included 3888 yen), and it can be used for free for the first 31 days.

On August 3, Amazon will start offering "Kindle Unlimited" on a monthly basis at 980 yen, and NTT DoCoMo has already launched a service that can read over 160 journals per month with a monthly fee of 400 yen It is becoming increasingly booming situation, such as inside.

Incidentally, I posted such an article on the same day of the same month in the past.

Facts of Cuban net popularized with "human power Internet" by USB memory carried by bus - GIGAZINE

Whatever you eat, you will feel the taste of snacks Awesome taste disorder "Dorito effect" What? - GIGAZINE

Before flying in the sky you have to check well whether the cat is lurking in the aircraft - GIGAZINE

It turned out that the earth's magnetic field weakened faster than expected, when is the timing of geomagnetic reversal? - GIGAZINE

Camera application "Steady Camera" review that surprisingly corrects motion blur - Review - GIGAZINE

What is the mark that began to be used in French restaurants with a historical food culture? - GIGAZINE

A study result that insomnia can be treated when sleeping in a tent is clear - GIGAZINE

◆ Story (memo · various others)

◆ Science (science · academic · technology)
Mars ship Curiosity celebrates the 4th anniversary of Mars landing alone | SURAD SCIENCE

August 8, 2016 News "After 250 Million Years" Supercontinental Amazia "JAMSTEC Predicts with Supercomputer" | SciencePortal

Origin of initially detected gravity wave may be primitive black hole - Astro Arts

Major volcanic activity of Mercury, possibility of stopping 3.5 billion years ago: research report | sorae.jp: portal site to the universe (Sora)

Booster test of the next generation rocket "SLS", like a movie of Star Wars | sorae.jp: portal site to the universe (Sora)

NASA's new High Dynamic Range Camera Records Rocket Test - YouTube

Guerrilla heavy rain prediction taking advantage of "Kyo" and state-of-the-art weather radar | RIKEN

This work is the first time for data assimilation that makes use of data that is incomparable every 30 seconds at 100 m resolution.

Animals of the threat that science bore - "Cyborgizing animals - From pet clones to insect drone" - Basic reading

◆ Society, Politics, Economy (Incidents · World News · Business)
"Deep appreciation" to the rice, the Emperor: Nikkei newspaper

Even those who honored the Emperor intentionally accepted the voice of the crowd "Dedication to life beforehand": Nihon Keizai Shimbun

Experts' conference also established in September Government, considering in "Living abdication" Full-scale: Nihon Keizai Shimbun

"Duties of the symbol emperor, thought out" Mr. Feihida · Former Imperial Household Agency: Asahi Shimbun Digital

Mr. Feihita served his Majesty 11 years as Deputy Chief of the Imperial Household Agency / Secretary, after retiring from the welfare secretary general. While I was in office, I was able to think that I can think that the status as a symbol and the respect of the people does not change even if I gradually reduce public affairs with my age. " However, "The Emperor has been very strongly conveyed to have the thought that the symbolic emperor's basic way of thinking is to do activities with the limit of physical strength and intelligence for the people."

In March 2012, the Emperor came to the memorial ceremony for the Great East Japan Earthquake in less than a month since the heart's coronary artery bypass surgery. It was a physical condition that water accumulated in my chest and my stuffiness remained. Mr. Hashida said that he thought that such a belief of his Majesty was due to the fact that many people's empathy and respects gathered against the "Emperor", and it is the basis of the future position of the Emperor and activities.

CNN.co.jp: There are monarchs in 43 countries, what are their powers? - (1/2)

Ten countries have a monarch who governs the state. Middle Eastern countries account for most of them. For example, the royal family of Saudi Arabia has been holding power since the founding of the country in 1935. The son of the first king is still present. Morocco, Jordan, Oman, Kuwait, Qatar, the United Arab Emirates and Bahrain each have their own power.

Embodies "Emperor as a symbol" - His Majesty's "perfectionism" and progress - Yahoo! News

NHK reported scoop on July 13th at 19 o'clock. "Empress presents the intention of" Emancipation before Emperor ". It was the content that the emperor was found to have been shown to the Imperial Household Agency about the intention of "living abdication" to give the position of the Emperor to the crown prince. Apart from NHK reported, it was an unusual situation that I did not know any company of the press club of the Imperial Household Agency.

Shinji Yamashita (hereinafter referred to as Yamashita): On that day, I heard about the news by phone calling around 19:01. First of all I was surprised, but thinking carefully, I thought that it was only this way. The Emperor should not ask for a revision of the law from a constitutional standpoint. Even if you visit the Imperial Household Agency internationally, you can not put it outside as your "intention of your Majesty". But I want to tell the people of your intention ... .... As a result, I thought whether it was in the form of the leak this time.

Shuji Okuno (Okuno): There was another meaning in the reporting time at that time. It is not the 21 o'clock news, but the 19 o'clock news. This is the time to be in time for the press coverage of the evening and the morning newspaper of the next day. Although it is from NHK, I felt the intention that I want you to report to the whole media.

His Majesty the Emperor "Sense of Law" on Social Studies and Legal Culture Personnel Concerning "Feelings" (Focusing on University Professors) - Togetter Summary

Mayor of Nagasaki "Wisdom collective towards world without nuclear weapons" | NHK News

Koike Governor to Tokyo to make it an international financial center Discussion about tax preferential discussion: Nihon Keizai Shimbun

China public boat in the vicinity of the Senkaku, the largest number of 15 governments, the leadership review between the leaders - Kyodo News 47 NEWS

The invasion of territorial waters off Senkaku protests against the Chinese embassy's minister | NHK News

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs Mr. Kanasugi Asian Oceania Director General Kim, a Chinese authority's ship repeatedly intruded into the Japanese territorial waters off the Senkaku Islands, he said twice on the afternoon of the 8th that the Chinese embassy in Tokyo I protested.

400 vessels in the vicinity of 15 public ships in the Senkaku connected waters: Asahi Shimbun Digital

Foreign Minister Kishida reported that Diaoyu Island is a territory unique to China = Ambassador of China in Japan - Reuters

Kishida Foreign Minister to Ambassador to China Raises the Level of Protest Request to Leave the Ship | Reuters

Rio Olympic Games to Redo as "Right" Chinese Flag | Reuters

To the mistake and correction of the Chinese flag, the Rio Olympic Committee announced that it had been approved

A sexual violence case in Rio player village, Arrested by Namibia players' flag hand 4 photos International News: AFPBB News

According to the local news site "G1", Jonas suspects a woman under cleaning from behind, kissing her head and touching her body. The coach of the suspect was nearby, but he said he was looking around.

G1 also said that as suspects of a police spokesman, the suspect suggested payment of money after doing a sexual gesture.

CNN.co.jp: System Delays in Delta Air Lines, Stopping Passengers around the World - (1/2)

Riding the name of an unnamed Republican to the presidential election, Mr. Trump 's criticized vote included | Reuters

This man is Evan McMarlin, not only unnamed in Japan, it is not well known among Congress.

Mr. Donald Trumph is appealing to the fear of the American people when he needs unity, rather than division, "he said in a letter expressing his run. "I can not keep on looking at you any more," he said.

Mr. Trump becomes "dangerous" president = US Republican security experts | Reuters

The statement said, "I do not have the personality, sense of values, experience that I need as president for the trump, I will detract from the ethical authority of the US as a free world leader, including religious tolerance, freedom of the press, independent judicial system, It seems that he has no basic knowledge or beliefs about the US Constitution, national law and institution. "

Mr. Trump announces economic policy "The United States will win again": Asahi Shimbun Digital

In addition to reducing the corporate tax rate, Mr. Trump says it will lower the maximum personal tax rate from 39.6% to 33% and simplify tax classification. Although he did not talk about concrete measures, he also appealed that "the tax rate of many American workers will be zero." It also promised prosperity to the United States through substantial deregulation etc. and promised to use that wealth for rebuilding US forces and infrastructure.

Mr. Trump emphasizes opposition to TPP Speech about economic policy speech: Nihon Keizai Shimbun

Special Report: Refugee applicant tomorrow invisible, black market of spread illegal work | Reuters

Japan Display "Innovation Organization Full Support": Nihon Keizai Shimbun

At a press conference, Mr. Honma Honma, Chairman and CEO, said, "We received total comments from major industry shareholders' industrial innovation organization." In the April-June fiscal year, net sales declined 29% year on year to 174.3 billion yen, operating loss was 3.4 billion yen (surplus of 2.2 billion yen in the same period last year).

【Newspaper Watch】 Suzuki sells Fuji Heavy stock ... in Subaru store to sell Daihatsu vehicles | Response (Response.jp)

Katsuhisa Otsuka, To Sell 350,000 Otsuka Furniture Share on the Market: Nihon Keizai Shimbun

Japan McDonal, operating profit / loss for the first quarter of the year contributed to surplus for the first time in two quarters | Reuters

About collaboration with smartphone game "Pokemon GO" said "It is a very exciting collaboration, many customers are visiting us." However, it was "premature" as to the contribution to the achievement, etc., since it was not long before the start.

CNN.co.jp: Men died head-hit on a passing train, leaning out of the window UK

Arrested men who tried to enter the Olympics venue wearing a stolen interview for the coverage | NHK News

Boy dead with the world's top 50 m water slider | NHK News

Three volcanoes erupted one after another, Indonesia | National Geographic Japan version site

Receiving a report from the case at the University Law School - New Arrival Information | Gender Social Science Research Center

In August last year, a serious incident occurred in which students belonging to Hitotsubashi law school had their sexual orientation exposed to classmates and die themselves without proper support from the university. I sincerely express my condolences to some future students who passed away and I sincerely express my condolences to the bereaved families.

There was no report on this matter at the faculty meeting etc, and most of the faculty members have just learned this through coverage on 5th August. In order to promote gender research and education at our university, the Center for Gender Social Science (CGraSS) was founded as a research center attached to the Graduate School of Sociology in 2007, and then, with the participation of university faculty members, this year 10 We celebrated our anniversary. Meanwhile, CGraSS has actively promoted activities to promote understanding of sexual minorities through holding public lectures and other events. In addition, our university has established harassment / guidelines that include sexual minorities.

That is why we received deep sorrow and anger, receiving reports of the incident. The feelings of the suffering of the student who led to self-death, the feelings of the bereaved family, and the fears and uneasiness that the students who touched this report would feel are filled with unbearable feelings.

Students who are anxious about this time, CGraSS will support you with full power. We urge all university authorities to respond in good faith with regard to this matter, and to ensure that such things will not happen again, we will check the support system including consultation services, and that everyone will live academic and research life with peace of mind I am willing to work hard to create a university that I can do. I hope that as many people as possible will join this circle.

Jumping suicide: Temporary obligation to oblige tenant "Mainichi Shimbun"

Summarize conditions of "nuclear waste" disposal site candidate site | NHK News

Did you feel like casual food? Misedo and Seven are struggling hard What about the donut industry | THE PAGE (THE PAGE)

【At the heart of the shock case】 "Sadako seems like cursed, so curse is likely to be killed" Support school faculty members to a number of insults with intellectual disabilities ... Parents' explanatory meeting "Long-run flames" (1/5 page) - Sankei WEST

◆ Lifestyle (life, life, health)
In the Obon festival in 2016, it is a harsh heat that the hot summer and the tropical night continue! ~ Attention to heat sleep, summer bate, lack of sleep due to heat ~ | News Release · Notification from Japan Weather Association | Japan Weather Association

Possibility of guerrilla in the first half of Obon holidays, hot weather in the second half in the city area - Weathernews Inc.

"Emperor His Majesty's Feelings Representing" font was almost identified after 27 minutes of broadcasting, the dish appeared after 27 minutes, and also the stone which seemed to be difficult - Togetter Summary

Let's talk about the darkness of a tubeless tire now IRC FORMULA PRO impression

Oh, the kitten is drowning! I - coast Guard, resuscitation and rescue: Asahi Shimbun Digital

"Segway" To the public road first for the purpose of Tokyo "Improve traffic manners", how? | News of Riding

CNN.co.jp: Husband and wife who came together for 63 years passed away in the same room for 20 minutes

Are Japanese consumers "indifferent"? What is the result of the investigation of the shock that Accenture speaks and how to deal with it? | Web Forum Forum

Developing the next type "Elysee" while exploring the development of Lotus and SUV - Autoblog Japan version

Tesla's new EV, Model 3 ... Design Completed | Response (Response.jp)

However, early May, Tesla Motors discovered that the model 3 design was not completed in the quarterly report submitted by SEC (the US Securities and Exchange Commission). The subsequent trend has been drawing attention.

CNN.co.jp: 13% of American adults have over 40% of marijuana using

【Subway shooting】 The expressions of trains are so different in standing shooting / sitting shooting - Osaka municipal subway fan site / Osaka - Subway.com

Okura manager "Knowing there is no loss to the difference in services of luxury hotels" | Yukashimedia | 55

Alasar gave her a farewell exhortation fee of "650,000 yen" ... Do I need to pay for not being engaged? - Lawyer Dot Com

Three yen problem - Shiitake mushroom

"Oji kamiya station" 7 minutes walk from the creation of a music apartment, Koshino Construction | The Journal - Homepage · Life news · Column site

Strict guard against heat stroke 38 degrees already in Kanto etc. | NHK News

Listen to Surad: How can I get rid of the crowded train in Tokyo? Listen to Sladdot

"All of soy sauce handmade craftsmen soy sauce" comes out at C90! - Soy sauce handbook

Ridiculous eating soba noodle! I will drink rumor "dark juice" at Asakusabashi! - mesh passage

◆ IT · Gadget (Net · Soft · Hard · Mobile)
What is BFX coin to pay the loss of 7.1 billion yen | What is Bitcoin's latest information BTCN | Bit Coin News

It's a revolution of musical instruments! New idea instrument KAGURA from Japan is in cloud funding: Ken Fujimoto's "DTM station"

Details KAGURA ShunsukeTrance - YouTube

Summary of AB test blog of overseas famous IT company - Gunosy data analysis blog

As you can see in the title today, I'd like to start AB test to improve the product but I do not know what to do, I actually tried AB test but I am worried if this is really quantitative evaluation , I would like to introduce blogs that I would like to refer to when I want to create a base on which new AB tests can be automatically calculated and evaluated.

A novel project by Yoshimi Nakase Yokomi, also a cartoonist, highly valued as a cartoonist Miso Suzuki "Easy digitizing tool even for coterie who is not good at digital" Togetter Summary

Changes that occurred during a holiday .com in 4 months - zimathon blog

News & Trend - "All projects will enter comprehensive test as scheduled", Mizuho Bank's next accountable development will be overcoming: ITpro

Will the Windows 10 Linux subsystem be a new attack route?

Canon: 4 models including compact new design home inkjet printer "PIXUS TS9030" released

Visualize dangerous cloud with latest AR technology | Weather news

◆ Anime · Game · Manga (Subcar)
Famous movie characters play Pokemon Go - YouTube

Chaos Chan: 【sad news】 Japanese civilization leader of Civ 6, why Hojyo Ji sect

Hue - Coming Soon Trailer | PS4, PS Vita - YouTube

Extreme Gravity Rage Kickstarter Trailer - YouTube

Development Update 5 - YouTube

8 Minutes of Gears of War 4 DeeBee Campaign Gameplay (1080p 60fps) - IGN First - YouTube

Capcom, PS4 new work "deep down" Extension of trademark - title survival also fear of expiration of trademark | Game * Spark - domestic and overseas game information site

TV anime "Idol Memories" Promotion Video - YouTube

It's summer! It's sea! FGO 2016 Summer TVCM - YouTube

Collaboration of TOHO Cinemas and "Pokemon GO" nationwide is decided! | News | Film Information Pia Film Life (1 page)

Learning with Pokemon GO Character License Business Basic Course | STORIA Legal Office Blog

I want to write about the Pokemon GO bug. - Aniseim

Heatstroke Promotion Course by Dr. P of the Rescue Room of Comic Market Preparation Committee (C90 version) - Togetter Summary

◆ Sports · Entertainment · Music · Movie (Entertainment)
Iwate, the first time in three years "Like a hometown" No (Rei Yousen) County

Gymnastics boys' group, the first time since the gold Athens Japan Japan tournament: Asahi Shimbun Digital

Joko Men's 73 kilogram class Ohno Shinpei gold medals | NHK News

Table Tennis Women's Singles Fukuhara Advances Quarterfinals | NHK News

Women's Judo Brazil's first gold medal player from a local poverty area | NHK News

"The country where the uniforms were cool in the opening ceremony of the Rio Olympics" overseas reactions | Tasteless odorless powerfulness in the leisure

Olympics Athlete: Bolt "The Last Olympics" Physical anxiety theory is Ichike - Mainichi Newspaper

The bolt "Riku is proceeding in the right direction" brought by the Rio Olympics 5 pictures International News: AFPBB News

Bolt, who was asked about future career at the press conference, "I definitely will be the last Olympic Games, I've done enough, I've proved myself many times and this is the last time."

Bolt, satisfied with players village purchasing TV on their own Picture 1 photo International News: AFPBB News

A sexual violence case in Rio player village, Arrested by Namibia players' flag hand 4 photos International News: AFPBB News

IOC "Players respect each other" Calling for attacks against Russia and Russia 1 photo International news: AFPBB News

At the Rio de Janeiro Olympics, Mack Horton (Australia), who won the gold medal in the 400-meter freestyle swimmer of last weekend, took "Yang Sun, Sung Yoo, China" as a "drug offender" before competition He criticized himself, causing a voice of anger in China.

On July 7, Yulia Efimova, a swimming girl with a two-time doping violation history, was hurt by other players. Eufimova who was allowed to participate in the Olympics just before the start of the competition was booed from the audience.

【Olympic swimmer】 Australian athlete 's leader refuses Chinese apology request Stance of full confrontation Chinese state media expands interpretation of IOC' s attitude - Sankei news

To the mistake and correction of the Chinese flag, the Rio Olympic Committee "Approved" had received approval photograph 4 images International news: AFPBB News

Chunichi Taneya directed poor grades and resting | NHK News

Ichiro is a fielder department weekly MVP | NHK News

Male in his 40s "Roller practice creates swollen crotch" - cyclist

Director Kanemori Kanemori "Is not it a nice flow?" A tie theater from Colombia war "worst". - Rio Olympics - Number Web - Number

"We were hurt at first in the first battle with a team of directors and players who never fought in the world and caught up with the situation that we had to win in the second game and we took off the winning point 1. The next time we win it I wonder if we can not win easily so that we have never gone to the world.When I win today, I will not have anything left if I lose next time, "Dramatic Japan" will rise It would be better to be better. "

"Real wing Kun" Nakajima Shouya of football Olympic representative 10 is favorable only: footballnet [soccer summary]

674: U-Nanashi-san @ live · unauthorized reproduction is prohibited (bubble wrap 1754-kGTK) 2016/08/08 (Monday) 18: 10: 18.33 ID: pkN2r + Op00808
Nakajima has no favor

· When I was in elementary school I was sleeping with the ball
· During the class, the ball was placed at the foot of the desk
· During junior high school days, trunk was trained during holidays
· On the day off, practice by kicking the ball with a pet dog at the park
· Lifting while taking a walk of a dog
· When I go to a convenience store Iwanami witnesses appearing crossing the pedestrian crossing while lifting
· Move while kicking the ball at home
· Train muscle before practice and train muscle at home after practice
· At the time of the representative candidate training camp, Kamada in the same room is surprised to have a trunk train if there is time in the hotel room
· I will bring my own muscle training equipment to the expedition
· What you enjoyed playing football was "Everyday practice"

Background and usage of broadcasting fee has increased. Consider considers distribution of the J league. - J League - Number Web - Number

Poguba's man U return is officially decided! The maximum amount ever for a transfer of 105 million euros! | Football Digest Web

The contract is 5 years, with 1 year option. The annual salary is an estimated 13 million euros (about 1.56 billion yen) + bonus. According to the announcement by Yuve, the transfer money is EUR 105 million (about 12.6 billion yen) + a bonus 5 million euros (600 million yen), some reports said according to the agreement Mr. Mino · The margin (20% of the transfer fee) to pay to Liaola will be borne by Manchester-U.

Painful news (No ∀ `): 【Image】 Kaori Kago" I will let you know that you have entered "● (part of the mouth of the advertisement is a day) - Livedoor blog

One call by Ichiro to the legend | THE PAGE (THE PAGE)

Last September. Former Mid-Term Legend, Mr. Masamasa Yamamoto decided to retire, Ichiro received an international call.
Ichigo Ichiro asked the opposite way when exchanging the words of the scandal and the story of baseball.

"Mr. Chang, can I still be 50 years old?"

Yamamoto Masa answered without hesitation.

"Do not be afraid only for your feet - theoretically you can maintain your physical strength and skills until age 50. You can keep up to 50 years old if you only care about your injuries and you can maintain even the muscular power that can do full-

News Up "I do not like Ichiro" What's the real intention? | NHK News

And four reasons I hate "I hate" Ichiro are told.

"Because I hear the word of limit as an excuse when seeing that person"
"Because I can not lie to myself when I see him."
"Because I feel like I have to enjoy even hard work when I see him."
"As you look at that person, any contrary will make you look like a chance."

After that, "Subtitles that it should be the same person".
Finally, we conclude with the subtitle "Now move the world."

August 15 (Monday) "Shin · Godzilla" Vocalizable screening decision implementation decision! | NEWS | Movie 'Shin Godzilla' Official Site

Currently, during a big hit "Shin · Godzilla" voice, voice OK! Cosplay OK! Holding psyllium OK! We decided to implement 'Vocalizable screening'!

【Breaking News】 Yokohama VS Gimba Company in the second round wwwwwwwwwwwww: Nikkan Yaki Bulletin

【Verification】 Sugano is really losing: Insane @ Nan J

14: Mr. Nanashi @ Opun 2016/08/06 (Sat) 22: 27: 50 ID: ia I
When Kanno gets up, the base-base rate does not fall
I found that the number of hits is extremely reduced.
As a result, at the time of Kanno leave, he stood on a bunt and stolen base,
You need to score with fewer hits.

MLB NEWS: Ichiro "Mr. Chang, can I still be up to fifty years old?"

MLB NEWS: US journalist "Ichiro 3000 hits are America but I do not remember English at all" → Flame

160: 2016/08/09 (Tue) 09: 22: 09.53 ID: 5xojqKct0
You can talk
Rather, when the interpreter is talking, I will check the nuance with a serious expression

Three major out-of-town contacts "Major multiplication of ○ ○ Homerun" "Utility Player to Protect the Inner and Outside": Ogae @ Marines Summary Blog

Let's look back over the retirement match of the Celiegue 6 team coach here: Nikkan Yakiniku

◆ New product (clothing / food / housing)
Plenty of carefully selected fruits and vegetables plentifully Minute Maid Smoothies New release nationwide from Monday, August 22 Japan Coca-Cola

(PDF)Curry is reputed Tokyo / Ginza's famous store "Delhi" supervised as a signboard menu Arrange the most painful "Kashmir curry" to ramen Meishon Ginza Delhi supervision Kashmir Curry Ramen September 5, 2016 (Monday) New release nationwide

(PDF)100% use of potatoes from Hokkaido Combined mayonnaise to Hokkoku's French fries and potatoes Meisei Ippei chan night shop Yakisoba potato Mayo New release on September 5, 2016 (Monday)

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