Emperor released his "feeling" in a video message, the whole sentence etc.

From 15 o'clock Monday, August 8, 2016, the Emperor told the citizen, "a feeling" video message was released.

Emperor expressed his feelings | NHK News

Imperial Household Agency

The Emperor, who is now 82 years old, said, "I think that a person who can fully fulfill the duty as a symbol prescribed in the Constitution should be in the position of the Emperor", and the Emperor will position the Emperor within several years to the Crown Prince It has been reported that the intention of giving over to the officials of the Imperial Household Agency has been indicated to the officials of the Imperial Household Agency.

Empress express her feelings on video on the 8th | NHK News

The Imperial Household Agency announced that the Emperor, who is showing the intention of "Living abdication" to officials of the Imperial Household Agency, will express his / her feelings from 3 pm on the 8th of this month in the form of a video message.

While the Emperor was 82 years old and now he is older, he continues a number of public duties, but also thinks that "Emperor should be the one who can fully fulfill his duty as a symbol prescribed in the Constitution" To the crown prince in a few years, the intention of the Imperial Household Agency to indicate the intention of "abdication".
According to the Imperial Household Agency, the Emperor was to express her feelings at 3 pm on the 8th of this month, in the form of a video message by video recorded with a TV camera in advance. About the duty as a symbol, it means that it will be spoken to the people for about ten minutes.
From the position stipulated by the constitution that it does not participate in national affairs, although it seems that it can avoid avoiding the expression of "exit" or a direct intention, the official said, "Your own thoughts will be the one that will ooze out "I am talking.

It is the second time that the Emperor told his thoughts to the people in the form of a video message after expressing your feelings in the Great East Japan Earthquake five years ago.
The image of the video message will also be posted on the website of the Imperial Household Agency along with the words in Japanese and English, and the Emperor will widely express feelings both inside and outside.
"It is very heavy for the Emperor to talk to every citizen, so I'd like you to listen to the words of the Emperor frequently."

Video messages telling "feeling" will be delivered at 15 o'clock TV stations, some radio stations, and the net. In this article as well, we plan to post the contents serially.

◆ "Full feeling" full text
Full text of "feelings" read by the Emperor is as follows.

After the great milestone of 70 years after the war, in two years will be in Heisei 30 years.

I also go over over eighty and I have various restrictions from the aspect of physical strength etc. In recent years, I looked back on my own steps as an emperor, and became aware of my future way and duties It was.

Today, as the aging of society progresses, when the Emperor is also older, what kind of way is desirable, from the standpoint of the Emperor, while refraining from specifically mentioning the current imperial system, As I would like to talk about what I have thought so far.

Since commanding, I have been doing national acts and I have spent all day exploring the desirable way of the emperor as a symbol under the Japanese Constitution. As a successor to the tradition, I am deeply concerned with the responsibility to keep this, and in Japan and the world which becomes new day by day, how the Japanese Imperial family alive the tradition to the present age, living vividly in society, While thinking about meeting people's expectations, we have reached today.

In such circumstances, it will be several years ago, but since I got two surgical operations and additionally, I began to realize the decline of my physical strength due to my aging, from now on, I will take a heavy duty as before When it became difficult to fulfill, I came to think about how to treat myself for the country, for the people, for the royal family who will follow me as well. It is already over eighty, I'd like to say that I am fortunate to be healthy, and when considering the decline of the body gradually going forward, I am concerned that it will be difficult to fulfill the symbolic duties with a whole body like usual It is.

About 28 years since I was about the position of the Emperor, during this time I have spent a lot of joy and sorrow in our country with people. As a duty of the Emperor, I have carefully cared about praying for the peace and happiness of people first and foremost, but at the same time, sometimes I stood by the people, listened to the voice, I came to believe that sticking to the thought is also important. In order for the Emperor to be a symbol and to play a role as a symbol of national integration, the Emperor asks the people for an understanding of the position of the symbol of the Emperor, and the Emperor is deeply concerned with himself, I felt the need to deepen my understanding of the people and to nurture within themselves a sense of constant existence with the people. In this sense, traveling to all parts of Japan, especially distant places and islands, I also felt it as an important symbol as a symbolic act of the Emperor. Including the era of the Crown Prince, I have been traveling with the Empress until now almost all the country's journey, that I love the area anywhere in the country and that Ichijin people who support the community in the way It was a happy thing that I got to recognize, with this awareness, with the deep trust and respect for people, I had the duty of thinking of the people important as the Emperor, praying for the people and praying for the people.

It seems impossible for the way of dealing with the aging of the Emperor is impossible to reduce the acts of national affairs and acts as symbols as much as possible. In addition, if the Emperor is an underage or becomes unable to fulfill its function due to serious illness or the like, it may be possible to place a regency on behalf of the Emperor's acts. However, even in this case, the emperor will continue to be the Emperor until the end of his life without fulfilling the duty of being requested by the Emperor sufficiently.

When the Emperor damages health and reaches a serious condition, as we have seen, there is concern that society will stagnate and various influences will be applied to the lives of the people as well. In addition, as a rule of the Imperial Family to date, when the Emperor is about to end, a heavy bamboo event will last for almost two consecutive days, followed by a ceremonial event related to the mourning for a year. People involved in the event, in particular the families left behind, are forced to be in a very tough situation, as the various events and the events related to the new era progress at the same time. The thought of whether such things can not be avoided is sometimes passed away in my heart.

As I mentioned earlier, under the Constitution, the Emperor has no authority over national affairs. Under such circumstances, I look back on the history of the long emperor of our country again, so that the Imperial Family will continue to be with the people at any time from now on, so that we can build up the future of this country with a phase and the duties of the symbol emperor always In spite of being uninterrupted, I remembered my feelings in mind as a matter of steadily continuing.

I am sincerely hoping for the people's understanding.

◆ Actually released footage

◆ Updated 2016/08/08 15: 30
On the site of the Imperial Household Agency, an announcement on the matter that released "feelings" was posted.

The Emperor 's Words about Employment as a Symbol: The Emperor' s Herald 's Statement About the Duty as a Symbol (Video) (August 8, Heisei 28) - The Imperial Household Agency

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Added the comments of Prime Minister Abe 's "feeling" of the Emperor.

Express Prime Minister Emperor 's Feelings Heavily Accepts | NHK News

Prime Minister Abe said, "Today, there was a word from the Emperor, as I have received heavily the remarks of the Emperor 's remarks to the citizens, as to why the Emperor' s public service When thinking of the current state of the age of the Emperor and the burden of the official affairs, I think that I am thinking of the empress of the Emperor and I think that I can firmly think what I can do " It was.

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