What is an intersection "Magic Roundabout" that reduces the accident rate by 30% although it is crazy and complicated?

The first thing you should do when you drive in the UKRound aboutHow to run at (the roundabout). The roundabout which the car gathers from various directions and runs like a circle and goes to the appropriate road seems crazy complexity at first glance but it is actually a rational mechanism to prevent accidents The Brilliant Sorcery of England's 7-Circle Magic Roundabout (7 British BritishMagic · roundaboutThe magic of ") is described by the movie.

The Brilliant Sorcery of England's 7-Circle Magic Roundabout | WIRED

It is easy to understand what kind of mechanism the magic roundabout is structured by seeing the following movie.

See How an Insane 7-Circle Roundabout Actually Works - YouTube

In the UK we may call the street intersection "circus".

Many intersections are mediocre enough to call "circus", but on the other hand there are intersections like circus really. That is "roundabout". In particular, "Magic · roundabout" in Swindon, England is a complicated shape that a person who saw may have the impression of "crazy".

It looks like this when the car is actually running.

The magic roundabout is an intersection where there are seven circles in total, a circle of the center, five circles surrounding the central circle, and a large circle that encloses them.

How the Magic Roundabout works is as follows. Normally, the car moves in one direction, but at the magic roundabout the car moves counterclockwise around the inner circle and the car moves clockwise around the outer small circle.

When the car entering from the lower left is headed to point B on the right side, it moves in the order of "a small circle on the lower left" → "a large circle on the inside" → "a small circle on the lower right" like a yellow line.

At this time, by passing through the inner large circle, you do not need to follow the detour route as indicated by the red line.

However, if the road seems to be congested, depending on the situation, either of the routes of "route through the inner big circle (purple)" and "route through the outer small circle (blue)" You can choose.

When visualizing the movement of the car coming in from 5 directions it is like this. Although it is chaos at first glance, since it is possible to choose a road that is easy to run according to traffic conditions, there are few cases where the cars occupy or collide with each other between the cars, and in fact, the car can run efficiently.

The car that came into the magic roundabout from each road ... ...

Go to the road on which you are going forward.

Once you enter the appropriate way, you can go down to the road you want to go to flow.

Those who are unfamiliar, such as those who came from other countries, often have consciousness about Magic Roundabout, but in fact the Magic Roundabout has reduced the accident rate by 30% and has a history of 60 years , In the past 5 years only one fatal accident has happened.

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