Miracle shot of golf that can only be thought that power beyond humanity is working

There are occasions when you see super-pleasures that you doubt that various powers of sports sometimes have power beyond humanity, but the miracle shot of this golf is one such thing. The ball which got caught in the rough slightly deviated from the green is cuping back to the green so that it can be drawn as if it is attracted.

The playback of the movie is from the following.
YouTube - One In A Million Shot

The ball crossed the green and stops when it got into the rough for a while. If you think that you can aim for a cup with the next stroke ...

The ball started rolling without permission.

And cup in as it is.

This was a battle of the PGA Tour which was held at Glen Oaks Country Club of De Moines, Iowa,Principal charity classicEvent in. According to the person who has witnessed this situation, it seems that the wind blowing to push the ball towards the cup was blowing on the green, but it is still a very lucky owner.

Also, on the other hand it's possible not to luck, but to shoot awesome shots with a terrifying technique that has been polished. Below is a movie by Tiger Woods, known for being a super star of the golf world, sinking a long pad.
YouTube - Tiger Woods Putt On The Famous Island Green

Pat at the beginning seemed to have deviated considerably left and went off.

However, we curl up like drawing an S letter and cup in as it is.

Tiger Woods is also a guts pose for this.

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