Video to challenge whether you can jump over the 4 girls and dunk

To jump over a standing man and decide a dunk shot, it is a play that there is no more cool shot any more, but I can not do it unless I am confident in the ability to jump a lot. Overseas, one male brings four girls in line, and there is a movie to jump over and challenge dunk shoot and introduce it.

The playback of the movie is from the following.
Watch Dude Fails Dunk Over Four Girls Video |

It is this man who challenges.

I chose four women from the audience who gathered to see the challenge.

And it aligned vertically under the ring.

It seems that it will jump over these four people and decide the dunk.

Give runners up rapidly ... ....


Shoots are hated by the ring and do not enter.

Besides, it hit the girl behind.

The girl was not particularly angry, but he is pressing his neck. Was it okay?

I think that he probably had confidence, but I wanted him to decide to do it.

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