Solving mathematical problems causes the brain to make four changes

ByMonica H.

When answering problems such as mathematics, I did not know exactly what is happening in the brain, but by analyzing the brain image using MRI, the human brain solved the problem "4 It was confirmed that we will shift to one stage.

Hidden Stages of Cognition Revealed in Patterns of Brain Activation

Watching the Brain Do Math - Dietrich College of Humanities and Social Sciences - Carnegie Mellon University

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The research team of Carnegie Mellon University Faculty of Psychology, Professor John Anderson, Department of Computer Science, etc., from the viewpoint of the problem, to think about what is happening in the brain until the answer is repeated until thinking repeatedly 80 people I scanned the brain image and investigated it. The participant's brain MRI data was analyzed by a method called "multi-voxel pattern analysis (MVPA)" and "hidden semi-Markov model (HSMM)" and it became clear that what the activity of the brain data actually points out Thing.

As a result of the analysis, in solving a mathematical problem, the brain shifts to the four stages of "Encoding", "Planning", "Solving" and "Responding" It turned out that it was causing it. Also, it seems that there is a tendency that the time taken for "Planning" and "Solving" stages becomes longer so that the problem is more difficult, and that the same stage changes are occurring when solving problems other than mathematics about.

This study accurately knows how long it takes each stage to solve the problem, but Mr. Anderson, one of the research authors who is involved in the development of mathematical education software and others, "The ability to clearly understand the process of problem solving that was unknown until now will help us to develop better educational tools."

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