Big tits and broken abdominal muscles are attractive Jolmungang 's' Balmes' is a muscle of muscles

Twice in 2012TV animationManga was done "Jorrmungand", Many unique characters will appear, including the hero's Coco Hecumatial and former boys soldier Jonah. One of them, coco's subordinate and a close battle specialist Balmer, at the Wonder Festival 2016 [summer], the general dealer "GEKOKUJYOU" was three-dimensionalized.

5-01-09 "GEKOKUJYOU"Balmes (Major Former Sophia Verma)" (Prototype Production: Yoshinori Ito (GEKOKUJYOU))

Body not only has big breasts but also is tall and powerful.

The abdominal muscle is cracking cleanly.

A former Finnish soldier, a specialist in proximity fighting who was good at handling knives. As for milk, it seems to be "Coco and only me."

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