People who can only live and grow in human beings even if a traffic accident happens "Graham"

Even cars that are convenient for transportation and transportation may injure you if an accident happens, and in some cases you will lose your life. One of the reasons is that the human body is not made to withstand car accidents, but then what if we actually evolved to make human being able to endure a car accident? The theme created by the theme is a fictional character "Graham(Graham) "is.

Meet Graham

Road safety: confronting sculpture shows human vulnerability to crashes | World news | The Guardian

This is the whole picture of Graham. The lower body is relatively close to humans, but the head, the neck, and the girth of the upper body are a bit of a distinctive appearance that makes it a little scary.

Looking at the head from the side, there is no neck, nose, ear lobe is gone, the forehead is piercing big. This was evolved to protect the whole head, degenerate the part that first crashed and injured in the event of an accident.

Furthermore, when looking at the cross section of the skull, it has a double structure with a cavity between them. This is a structure for absorbing the impact caused by the accident, and if it looks closely, there is also a space between the brain and the skull, and it seems that it absorbs the large impact generated in the accident and does not cause brain contusion or the like .

When looking at the face obliquely from front, you can see that the main part of the face is in a state like being in the dent. This, of course, "evolution" to protect important parts from the shock caused by the accident.

Fat is crowded under the skin. It is possible for fat to absorb the energy by playing the role of cushion.

It is quite a shocking appearance of the back of the head. But its contents are more shocking.

Looking at X - like looks like this. Bone around the neck surrounding the ribs like the ribs, it is structured to support the skull as it is. This is to eliminate the risk of injury by losing the neck that often tends to concentrate in the event of an accident, to suppress damage to nerves.

Around the chest, it is covered with irregularities like a breast and grotesque a little.

It is supposed to let air enter in this part and absorb the shock to the built-in by doing the same function as the air bag.

One of the parts with a high probability of injury in case of an accident is "knee". One of the reasons is that the angle at which the knee bends is only one direction, and it will break if impossible force is applied.

Therefore, Graham evolved so that the joint of the knee bends in every direction. By doing this, even if it collides with a car during walking, it will be able to efficiently absorb the impact and get rid of injuries.

If you look closely at the bottom of the foot of the foot, there is a strange cob on the part of the calves ... ...

Graham is evolving to have a new joint here. By moving this joint with a big muscle, it seems that applying 'this principle' will create a great force, increase jumping power and avoid accidents. Also, even if you hit a so - called "Babe 's crying place", the joint turns backwards, so the risk of fracture seems to be reduced.

In addition, Graham evolved into a reinforced type of skin itself. Although it looks a little different ... ...

By greatly changing the internal structure, it makes the skin tissue stronger and less susceptible to external injuries.

This "Graham" is a work jointly created by a surgeon, an accident investigator, and an artist at the University of Melbourne, Australia, and a traffic safety campaign in Victoria state "Towards ZeroIt was produced as a part of. By setting a paradoxical theme of "When human beings can tolerate accidents", we aimed to express the weakness of human beings against accidents and appeal to the importance of keeping in mind safe transportation It is said that it is. The design has become a scientific basis, and it is explained also in the following pamphlet.


In addition, Graham said that actual objects were also produced and can be seen at facilities in Victoria.

Visit Graham

The meaning of making Graham and the actual production scenery etc. are introduced in the following movies.

TAC's interactive sculpture by artist Patricia Piccinini - Meet Graham, TAC 2016 - YouTube

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