Continuing learning by oneself Continuing learning "What is important for successful self-management learning"

ByJeff Peterson

There are few people who gained great success in the academic and business world that they did not have noticeable results at school. It was said that it was a high backward ability to succeed after that, it was a high level of ability to "learn by oneself", "self-management learning" to learn while managing oneself by themselves continues to learn in a long life, It can be said to be an important factor for success. How important self-management learning should lead to success, so many important points are psychological topics on the site "Psychology TodayIt is listed as.

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Success stories that persons who have the ability to learn by themselves do not necessarily depend on academic background, like Bill Gates who launched a computer related company after dropping out of college and built a Microsoft empire after that, I have a charm that attracts my heart. The fact that Steve Jobs who also built the Apple Empire also dropped out of college is spurring its charm, but from this example they can see "school" and "education system It can be said that it was not necessary. Instead, what has led them to success can be said to be a kind of talent, that they can pass on their passion for success to lead their own business to higher heights and to inspire themselves Hmm. This is Abraham Lincoln and a British female novelistVirginia Woolf, And it is a feature that can be said commonly to people like Leonardo da Vinci and Charles Darwin who are regarded as geniuses.

However, it can be said that there is hardly any "self taught" in the real sense in this world. Although it can be said that school and some educational institution are not necessarily necessary for learning, guidance from others who are the basis of knowledge and books, DVDs, CDs, images, videos, learning applications, data of books uploaded to the net, free It is almost impossible to borrow the power of online learning site etc. In order to survive in "information economy" overflowing with information, you have to acquire the ability to think by yourself and learn by your own will.

ByJoey Yee

Most of us learned at school are taught to be "passive learners", that is, to study only to graduate school safely. However, once "switch to learn by themselves" comes in, knowledge and skills already acquired become connected to each other, a connection with similar people is born, enthusiasm for life and its wealth is born I say that it comes.

One of the reasons why you should learn yourself is that the knowledge that is being taught is already "past things" at that time. Book "Secrets of a Buccaneer-ScholarMr. James Marcus Bach, who wrote "The secret of a learner like a pirate" said in a book that "Successful people succeeded not by what they know but by how they learned" I am talking. Mr. Bak dropped out of school at the age of 14 and became a software tester at Apple after studying computer programming on his own, now he is a consultant.

Generation X generation writer "The Art of Self-Directed Learning"The difference between a self-managing learner and a non-self-controlling learner begins to be exposed from the time of school.The person who learns himself can use his own You will be able to make roads, be free from maps and compasses, find new fields, people you learn by themselves can control your own education, career, and life. "

The best example that embodies "self-managed learning" that learns while managing yourself is the online learning siteKhan AcademyAnd that. Founded in 2006 by Salman Kahn, the Kahn Academy is an online educational program that anyone can use for free, and all users can learn at their own pace. According to the site of the service, there are actually 580 million lessons in more than 10 different subjects, and 4 million lessons are used every day.

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Dr. Jonathan Wy, who is doing research on talented young people at Duke University, says, "People who are good at self-learning tend to have higher IQ levels." Also, about the relationship between self-learning and the high level of actual ability "From many research results, it is also clear that more intelligent people spend more effort on self-management learning. If you concentrate on one topic, you will achieve learning faster than others, "according to the learning method itself, reveals the research results that differences in results are born.

On the other hand, Dr. Wy also mentioned that the willingness to learn has a big influence on the results, "What is common to the various IQ levels is that passion plays a big role. There are also lazy people among the good people, there are differences due to individual differences at every intellectual level. "

Mr. Balls said that he has a genetic feature from the beginning that it is a feature of a person who is good at practicing self-management learning, "It's ability to think by yourself, pattern recognition power, and ability to guide solutions to creatives. There is a tendency, in other words, they are brains clear. " On the other hand, as done in Khan Academy,Growth mind setIt is noteworthy that it also touches on the importance of having.

· About learning styleIn the case of
In addition to motivation for learning, it is also important to identify "how to learn". What approach to take on a task depends on what you learn.


Cognitive scientist Christian Jarrett said, "There are individual differences, but in many cases efficient learning is determined not by individual characteristics but by what you learn. For example, beginners can show more efficient On the other hand, advanced users learn more contents by solving problems themselves, "while listening to the point that it is important to distinguish style properly in learning.

Discussions continue on whether children should learn only what they want to learn voluntarily or only core knowledge is forced to learn. About this, Dr. Wy stated that "even Bill Gates says that computer programs can not be written without the underlying knowledge", and in order to raise the knowledge, it is also stuffed with certain knowledge which is the foundation It is clear that what you have to do is obvious.

· Staying with learning "Uneasy feelings"
The cause of self-learning self-study by self-education is neither knowledge nor technique, "It is anxiety feeling", Mr. Bu talks. According to Mr. Bu, many of the learners I have seen so far have uneasy feelings such as "I can learn as it is, but I can not say that I am smart enough" It is said that there are many. If you are dominated by such feelings, you will lose the power of growth and mindset, which is essential for growth.

In learning something new, it is unavoidable to feel uneasy that "I am not equipped with sufficient wisdom." What matters is that you understand that feelings will arise and continue more than anything else.

ByKim Seng

· "Mechanism" to increase learning efficiency and "To stick to results"
In order to improve the results of learning, it is not just a matter of learning to do blindly. In order to proceed efficiently, it is effective to use some kind of mechanism.

Service of learning words in more than 20 languages ​​"Duolingo"Has released applications for users, and as of 2015 it is used for more than 100 million people. The feature of this application is said to be in a place where a mechanism to make users want to continue learning is adopted. The learning history of the user is saved, it is possible to grasp what you learn and what you are not learning, you can know how to deal with it when it was not successfully learned, some sort of "game character" was taken in It is said that the point that it has the effect of raising motivation of learning.

Also, I know that people who have learned the most efficient words so far are "people planning to go on a trip". On the contrary, the most inefficient thing was the person who began using the program as "I was interested". This means that when learning something, setting something to be the ultimate motivation will make it possible to achieve high outcomes.

· What is the secret for efficient self-study?
In order to overcome many temptations and troubles and succeed as a self-management learner, it is important to clear the following points.

· Define what to learn
· Know how to access necessary information and how to evaluate information
· Understand that feelings of disappointment and confusion are a thing of the learning process
· Always keep having another viewpoint
· Perform self-evaluation based on your score data and feed the results back to the next

In addition, Mr. Balls who wrote "The Art of Self-Directed Learning" mentioned above advises to acquire the following skills.

· Think things in stories
· Talk in public
· Write what others can really read
· Lead group
· Belong to a group
· Try making video works, websites, and photographic works that have constant finish
· Find logically erroneous points in the discussion
· Meet someone and talk with each other
· Contact with strangers to ask for advice and information

· Use "power of meta"
Many people who succeed in learning by themselves are benefiting from "meta effect" which is born by repeatedly continuing.

Learning is more robust by repeating. First of all, once you learn what you learned by doing the first learning, next time you do another thing and leave time. After a while, I will review the first item again and I will battle the contents again. By repeating such a cycle, memory and knowledge will become established as one's own.

ByGet directly down

Also important for finding new ideas and fields to go forward is the whole image that is absent in the headSchemais. Unlike clear "facts", the schema can be said to emerge as an abstract concept, with the enormous knowledge that exists in the head gathers like clouds. Something is born at a higher level based on many materials, this is the "meta effect", but it is still important to have many accurate knowledge in the background.

For that reason, it is important to always touch new things, Mr. Bak said. Mr. Bak, who served as a software tester at Apple, said he was trying to read the book during working hours if the company allowed it. Of course it is very important to do practical tasks, but it seems to be important to accumulate information to influence work in the long run and make it a source of "meta power".

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