Clear Super Mario 3 at the explosion speed of 2 seconds, ending up at a stroke with a button stroke of 6000 times per second

Enable play impossible to humansTAS(Tool-Assisted Speedrun / Tool-Assisted Superplay) Compete how fast you can clear "Speed ​​runThere is a game called Nintendo's game with that speed run "Super Mario Bros. 3A fiercer who cleared in 2 seconds appeared.

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Robot Finishes Super Mario Bros. 3 In Two Seconds

The event held from 4th to 10th July 2016Summer Games Done Quick", The player ais 523 cleared Super Mario Bros. 3 in 2 seconds. You can check the situation from the following movie.

Super Mario Bros. 3 Any% TAS in 0: 02 - SGDQ 2016 - YouTube

The game started with the shout of "3, 2, 1, go".

The red dock rises and the opening of Super Mario Bros. 3 begins.

The next moment I thought that Luigi and Mario appeared from both sides ... ....

Princess Peach appeared.

Princess Peach told Mario the game cleared in 2 seconds. The hall is a great excitement of applause applause.

The unexpected clear time of 2 seconds is greatly related to the bug of NES (Overseas version Famicom) discovered by ais 523. Ais 523 discovered that if you repeatedly hit the controller's button at a speed that was not extraordinary, you could send the code to the game being played at NES. By sending code with a special pattern, it seems to be able to warp from opening to ending at once.

However, in order to transmit the code, it was necessary to hit the button repeatedly at a speed impossible for humans. Ais 523 stalled, requesting cooperation from the TAS community, succeeded in borrowing "TASBot" to reflect the operation created using the tool on the PC to the real machine.

This is the TASBot that realized the 2-second explosion speed.

TASBot inserted arbitrary code into Super Mario Bros. 3 while hitting buttons at a rate of 6000 times per second, and achieved the feat of clearing the explosive speed for 2 seconds.

However, while some people favorably grasp the method that ais 523 thought, among the enthusiasts of speed run, some of the enthusiasts of speed run are "a hacking rather than a speed run", "a bug caused by a robot" and ais 523's way There are users who do not recognize as a speed run, and they are calling both pros and cons.

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