Former spy demonstrates fear car hacking, there is nothing to do with brakes and handle steering

American cryptanalysis activities such as cryptanalysis and communication interceptionNSAA hacker with a career working at the Department of Defense (Department of Defense Department of National Security) got a movie hacking carHacking a Car with an Ex-NSA Hacker: CYBERWAR (Clip)"Has been released. Horrible hacking to move the wiper from the PC and handle the steering wheel is a shock word.

Hacking a Car with an Ex-NSA Hacker: CYBERWAR (Clip) - YouTube

Mr. Ben McCutcher, who covers the interview, seemed pretty nervous as he met with former NSA staff hackers.

A car stopped, a man hanging on sunglasses came down from the car. This man is former NSA official and hacker Charles Miller. It is said that Mr. Miller hacks the car he was driving this time.

It is Makachi reporter who drives a car. When McCutty reporter asked "Which part of the car do you hack?" ...

Mr. Miller pointed out the head unit of the car. Head units equipped with functions such as car navigation and radio are connected to the Internet for updating, and it is possible to execute arbitrary code with a certain vulnerability. In addition, Mr. Miller does not clarify whether only the head unit appearing in the movie is vulnerable or whether another head unit is vulnerable.

By hacking the head unit, you can send commands to everything, such as car steering and braking. Moreover, quite dangerous hacking of cutting off the engine is also possible.

Although it is said that remote hacking is also possible, this time hacking by connecting the PC to the head unit.

When Mr. Miller sends a command on PC ......

Suddenly the radio started and the music flowed.

Mr. Miller has done this hacking in the past using mobile phones instead of PC. A terrible remark will come out, "You can start millions of automobile radio with one operation".

Mr. Miller and his friend 's picture of Chris was displayed on the head unit this time.

Mr. Miller hits the PC with saying "show hacking a little more risky this time ..." ...

The windshield wiper started to move. Makachei reporter shows expressions that apparently drew while saying "Wow, ha ha ha".

Miller who operates the PC again saying "You can do anything really".

Then, the speedometer which was displayed as 7 mph (about 11 km / h) ......

It increased to 40 miles per hour (about 64 km). The only thing that changed was the display of the speedometer, the actual running speed has not changed.

When stopped by a signal, "You can start suddenly even if it stops with a red light, but this time it's dangerous, let's stop it," Mr. Miller murmurs.

Makachi reporter showed how surprised it was "Is it true?"

I came to the parking lot to experience a little dangerous hacking that I can not do on the road.

When Mr. Miller hacks, the car starts to move suddenly despite being in a stopped state. The reason is unknown, but when you move the car with hacking, the sound "boom" was on.

Now turn the gear back and stop.

McCuti reporter has taken his hand off the handle, but the handles moved without permission and the car started backing.

It is Mr. Miller who is operating. According to Mr. Miller, using this hacking it is also possible to put the gears of millions of cars in motion in neutral. However, regarding the brake and the steering wheel, it seems that there is a limit to what it is possible to hack.

Mr. Miller says, "I am not thinking about hacking and doing something, I just want to find and fix vulnerabilities.The newer technologies on the car are easier to hack, which is compatible with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth Hacking is possible for vehicles equipped with computer controlled functions such as handling assistance function etc. The problem is whether one vulnerability remains unresolved and is left untouched or this vulnerability Is it only one of those with sexuality? "

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