A little extreme CM style movie that draws "What if coffee commercials tell the honest content?"

Coffee is a drink that can enjoy the fragrance and taste in the wind, the fragrant scent to stand up, the bitterns when it is contained in the mouth, the richness of the scent that remains afterwards, coffee is a drink that can enjoy the fragrance and taste, and the CM which emphasized the part in various places is seen in various places I will. Both are contents to which the "director" to convey the charm of coffee is added, but a little radical CM movie "What if it tells me the actual content without obscurity?"If Coffee Commercials Were Honest - Honest Ads"Has been released.

If Coffee Commercials Were Honest - Honest Ads - YouTube

"What a beautiful day, I would like to call it a" perfect day "... ...."

"But something is missing.The wife brought in that place ... ...."

"Coffee poured into a cup"

"Any morning morning can not talk about without coffee containing addictive substances, is not it?", It is a picture that starts with a radical narration quite easily.

Roger is suddenly Roger who appeared on the screen. "Let me tell you about a warm and black drink that contains toxic substances"

From now on I will talk about smooth beans like Velvet ......

A story of a drink made with boiling water

It is a drink made by taking out fruits taken in South Africa and Southeast Asia region.

Coffee beans that roast and turn brown. In fact these beans ......

We supply caffeine, a substance that excites the world's most widely used central nervous system to the world.

Materials that alter the structure of the brain are considered illegal in many countries, or at least strictly regulated by the government, but only this little bean is completely legal.

Only coffee is a drink that many people enjoy as everyday without anyone's intervention, no regulation is done and there is nothing to be avoided at all from a cultural point of view.

Ah well a nice scent. By adding flavor and sweetener here, I can say to the wind "I like this fragrance," and in fact it is actually addicted to caffeine, so I can wait to keep my eyes out of sight I do not think so.

And here the man claims "No such thing, I like it, the taste with 2 cups of sugar and a hazelnut-flavored creamer." "I am not a coffee addict."

And, thanks to those who are saying this, coffee farmers can continue cultivating. Moreover, it is not only farmers that can benefit from that benefit ......

People at the coffee shop, that is addictive with a high priceSludgeCoffee junkies are also supporting vendors that sell ... ... and Roger who develops radical arguments extremely.

There is also a pumpkin flavor. If you prefer a cigarette or a coffee like a hot asphalt scent?

"Well then I will do it"

Okay, then it will be 11 dollars (about 1100 yen). And ... I will write your name in the cup.

By doing this, you are supposed to force clerks to act to provide drinks containing psychotropic drugs that are not regulated by law.

Also, knowing that much poorer people are grown legitimate toxic substances with extremely low wages, you will no longer want to drink coffee.

In areas like Ethiopia and Guatemala, there are people who work poorly but happily.

By adding to this landscape, there are words that improve the image. For example, "Organic" or ...

"Cooperative" where people work together

"Sustainable" where the economy and the environment can continue to exist

And keywords such as "Ethical" and "Ethics" to help these people.

It is easy to make you scurrying about the details and complexity of the "futures trading market" where coffee beans are traded. Or ... ...

"Just look! This bean bag contains letters" Fair Trade "!" Even just saying OK.

By doing so, we will be able to deny plausibly that "our happy moment is not made up of someone's misfortune."

"It is because the central nervous system is stimulated by the chemical substance that comes out from this hot water and the roasted beans acting on the brain that makes you sleep every night" It is affirmatively asserted Roger says. Then ...

A man suddenly indigned as "why do this! Why teach us this!"

Oh no, I did not drink coffee, so I made a temperament.

Handed the cup with coffee ......

A quiet man

"It was a cup of coffee and I went back to a warm person with harmony", and it was content that the movie ends with the speech which is whip up why.

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