Research to make Google's artificial intelligence prevent vision loss

Google's acquired artificial intelligence development start-up "Deep Mind" is known for developing the artificial intelligence "AlphaGo" which beat the top game of the world's top game of the world of the Go world in March 2016. I found that this DeepMind can now be used to prevent blindness in the medical world.

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DeepMind began a specialization in the medical industry as "DeepMind Health" in February 2016. To date, we have been working with medical institutions such as the Royal Free Hospital in the UK to develop a mobile application "Streams" that enables doctors and nurses to quickly judge the state of acute renal failure in patients. By using Streams, it is possible to judge immediately whether or not it is a situation requiring urgency from the result of the blood test of the patient, enabling efficient processing.

And July 5, 2016, announced that a new British Moore Fields Eye Hospital had partnered with Deep Mind Health. We will revolutionize the eye examination method and research will proceed so that you can find the disease early.

As of 2016, 360 thousand people in the UK are blinded or partially registered as being unsighted. As a method of locating eye diseases and deciding treatment strategies, the technique of "scanning eyes" is commonly used, but analysis of scan results is very complicated and time consuming was a bottleneck .

Deep Mind Health can be used in this field by allowing clinicians to understand patients' diseases by letting artificial intelligence learn the anonymous eye scan data possessed by Moore Fields Eye Hospital and eye symptoms and treatments It is said to be useful for. Moore Fields Ophthalmology Hospital explains that if you can find disease early by using machine learning, there is a possibility that disease progression can be stopped.

Peng Tee Khaw, Doctor of Moore Field Ophthalmology Hospital "Deep Mind and our research revolutionizes the testing methods performed by experts and causes blindnessAge-related macular degenerationThere is a possibility that you can find the symptoms of the disease at an early stage and treat it. Since it is considered that the number of blind people will be doubled in 2050, it is very important to explore techniques to prevent eye diseases using the latest technology. "

In particular, it is the No. 1 blindness cause of blindness in adults in JapanDiabetic retinopathyThe problem is that there are many people who have a high speed of progress and not noticed until the disease progresses. Currently, it is said that 350 million people are suffering from diabetic retinopathy worldwide, but if you learn to analyze eye scan on a neural network, the speed and accuracy of diagnosis It is also suggested that 98% blindness may be prevented.

Deep Mind co-founder Mustafa Shreeman said on tie-up with Moore Fields Ophthalmology Hospital "I am very excited about the tie-up with Moore Fields Eye Hospital and by discovering the disease early, the patient will receive the right treatment I may be able to receive this research.National Health ServiceWe believe that it will bring great benefits to our healthcare professionals and will help doctors and nurses to provide world-class medical services. "

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