Creative Bluetooth speaker "iRoar" added for subwoofer expansion · 2 units can also be connected Review

From Creative who handles equipment such as sound board for PC, headset, speaker etc, Bluetooth speaker which becomes the top model of the company "IRoar"Has appeared. In addition to installing the multi-core audio processor "SB-Axx 1" for the first time as a series, the docking type subwoofer "IRoar Rock"And a wireless microphone"IRoar MicI was able to borrow the actual model of the model that can be expanded, so I actually tried using it.

Creative iRoar - Speaker - Creative Technology (Japan)

Creative iRoar Rock - Speaker - Creative Technology (Japan)

Creative iRoar Mic - Speaker - Creative Technology (Japan)

◆ "iRoar" photo review & audition review
The package of iRoar has been made gussily, a design that is heavy.

On the back side, it is stated that the features such as music player can be played from microSD card with built-in 5 driver · Bi-amplifier drive, built-in recording function, smartphone application correspondence is narrowed.

On the side part, iRoar is used to connect two iRoar plus power and spread, a wireless microphone that can be used as a simple PA, a subwoofer "iRoar Rock" to reinforce the bass, and enable software development Functions such as SDK (software development kit) and "iRoar Docking" which can expand the hardware were described.

Open the lid immediately. There is a manual in the open place, the main body of iRoar etc is hidden under it.

The enclosed items look like this. At the far end is the iRoar body, in front this is a power adapter for conversion of the built-in battery, a conversion plug, a USB cable, a carrying bag, etc.

The iRoar main body is mirror-like black finish with fine concavities and convexities on the top surface, and the side edges of the gold are given. On the top surface, a large 2.75 inch subwoofer is placed in the "top firing scheme" facing upward. The main body size is about 225 × 120 × 57 mm, it has a 9000 mAh lithium ion battery inside the main body, and its weight is 1.1 kg and somewhat suprised.

Power button on the top left of the top

The Woofer part on the top surface also serves as an NFC receiving part that can be paired with a smartphone or the like with a single touch, so you can connect by simply placing a corresponding smartphone on it.

On the back side, a power supply input terminal, a terminal for USB audio input, a microSD card slot and a play mode change switch, an audio input terminal, an optical digital input terminal, and a USB power supply terminal for supplying power to external devices are arranged It is being done.

In the front grill, two drivers (speakers) for the high range are placed.

In the side part bordered by the gold, "passive radiator" to strengthen the bass of the subwoofer is laid out. IRoar is capable of playing with sufficient power by incorporating two amplifiers for the low midrange and high range.

In addition to the description of the model name etc. on the bottom, there was a dedicated terminal for connecting with the external subwoofer "iRoar Rock".

That's why I turned on the power.

When the power is turned on, various indicators are displayed at the top of the panel. It shows that the orange LED matrix called "hot glow display" in the upper left part is Bluetooth mode. Also, in the upper right part, you can control volume, "ROAR" button to temporarily strengthen the audio power, etc. are lining up.

For smartphone connection, if you are an NFC compatible model, simply turn on Bluetooth and place it on iRoar. This completes pairing, and preparation for playing music is adjusted.

Pairing is possible even with models not compatible with NFC like iPhone. In that case, just press and hold the power button for 2 seconds to enter the pairing mode, then try the Bluetooth connection from the terminal OK.

In addition, iRoar can connect up to two Bluetooth devices simultaneously. It supports aptX which can transmit with high sound quality, and also supports the aptX Low Latency of the higher standard, and it also supports the AAC codec, so there is no concern about the sound quality spec.

After pairing is completed and after connecting, it is possible to perform operations such as playing smartphone, sending / returning music from iRoar side.

I connected a smartphone and played various songs such as uncompressed and compressed sound sources. First of all, it seems "Oh" is the volume feeling of the bass that exceeds the expectation that comes from the size of the main body. Even though it does not go down to heavy bass, enough bass is played to enjoy the music in a powerful state, so there are many people who feel it is more than enough unless you ask for a very strong sound pressure. On the other hand, if you listen carefully, due to constraints on the size of the main body as well, at the moment when you feel that you do not reach the bass you want the extension to extend to a slightly lower position, especially in the case of songs rich in bass, bass is Mokomoko Scenes that feel ugly. Also, some people may feel that they want a glitter in the high range more or less. However, as this is an impression after listening with a fine eye line, I felt that there is no problem saying that it has sufficient specs when it is easy to enjoy the powerful music without particular attention.

◆ Docking subwoofer to reinforce the bass "iRoar Rock"
"After all a little bass ... ...." If you introduce an optional docking subwoofer "iRoar Rock" OK.

In the package there were six power cords with different plug shapes according to region, iRoar Rock and manuals, and region.

It is encouraging to be able to use it anywhere in the world, but a power cable that seems to be ruined if it is a person who says "I use it only in Japan".

The iRoar Rock is equipped with a 3.75-inch driver on the front and a bus port for bass is placed on the right side. The size is about 245 × 160 × 150 mm, the weight is about 2.4 kg.

A plastic protective cover is attached to the top surface, so if you remove it ... ....

A terminal for docking with iRoar has appeared. Since the surface is coated with soft rubber, it does not seem to worry about occurrence of rattling sound due to worry of scratches and vibration.

The bus port on the right side and the power supply on the back side. Simplicity of only the power connector and switch.

There is nothing on the left side.

Notation of model name etc. on the bottom.

Usage is very easy. Insert the power cable, turn on the power ... ....

Just put the iRoar from the top.

After that iRoar will recognize the connection and the mid / low tone will switch to be handled by the iRoar Rock driver. It seems that the iRoar body is playing with the high frequency range as it was originally. Also, iRoar's battery is charged by docking.

When I listen to the same song as before with the iRoar Rock connected, I feel the power of the bass clearly increased in thickness. Especially genres such as rock, funk, pops seem to be able to enjoy power without complaint. Also, when I played classical songs, I could feel the resonance of the bass and the hall of the contrabass like the land, so the playing ability is higher. On the other hand, in the jazz and acoustic systems which listen to fine sounds, there are cases in which the pitch of the bass can not be heard in some cases, depending on whether the bass frequency characteristics are slightly different. Nevertheless, there is a limit to the amount of air that can be moved with this size driver, so it is inconvenient to ask for it. It seems that this speaker seems to demonstrate its best, it is perfect for situations such as BGM playback when you want to enjoy music easily at home, when friends gather and enjoy the party.

◆ iRoar becomes a simple PA system Wireless microphone "iRoar Mic"
It seems to symbolize how to use such iRoar, iRoar Mic, a microphone that you can use wirelessly by connecting with Bluetooth.

IRoar Mic is shaped like a small remote control, with a microphone unit on the top.

In addition to being able to use as it is as a microphone, by inputting music with a mini jack, you can transfer wirelessly with music and voice mixed, or transfer high quality sound by connecting an external microphone to the microphone input terminal Possible.

If you use this function, you can enjoy karaoke according to the song being played, or you can use it as a microphone for mini events. In such a meaning, it seems to be possible to use "simple PA", but it may be unavoidable that it is inevitable that some delay can not be avoided due to wireless transfer.

◆ 2 units of iRoar for more power "MegaStereo"
Although it is iRoar which can enjoy considerable power even with only one unit, it is also possible to connect two iRoars by using an optional cable and add power and wide feeling. So, with two iRoarsMegaStereo cableWas prepared.

It is very easy to connect, just plug the white side of the MegaStereo cable into the iRoar terminal connected to the sound source and insert the red one on the other side. By doing this connection, the stereo sound originally played by one unit can be distributed to two iRoars.

If you try songs for audition again, you can still feel a wide sense that is quite different from the one time. It was an iRoar that felt an extraordinary spread even with a single unit, but by using two units, the sound image of another level spreads as expected.

It is also possible to add power to wide feeling by adding iRoar Rock. Although it was iRoar that can enjoy sound at a high level even with just one unit, it may be said that it is attractive to be able to expand like this.

Besides these tone quality features, iRoar also has many features such as a smartphone application that can fine-tune sound quality and effects, and a phone call function. IRoar is on sale in a way that limits dealers such as creative stores. The price at creative store is iRoarTax excluding 46,800 yen, IRoar RockTax excluding 17,800 yen, IRoar MicTax excluding 9800 yenIt has become.

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