"Sound Blaster Roar" photo review stuffed with attention to sound and useful functions

Wireless speaker "Creative Woof" that can enjoy music with palm sizeWe are selling portable speaker systems likeCreativeIs a new concept portable portable Bluetooth wireless speaker with 5 drivers in booklet size "Sound Blaster RoarWe will start selling on the online store exclusively from Friday, August 1, 2014. Since I was able to borrow the main body before release, I decided to touch various things.

Sound Blaster Roar - Sound Blaster - Creative Technology (Japan)

Body of Sound Blaster Roar. It is approximately 20.2 × 5.7 × 11.5 cm body, weight is about 1.1 kg.

The main speaker is arranged on the side where the "CREATIVE" logo is laid out.

Sound Blaster Roar is a 5 driver system speaker system with two high-frequency units on the front, one unit for mid-low sound on the top, and two passive woofers for bass reinforcement on the left and right sides of the body I will.

All the surfaces on which the speakers were placed were covered with a metal mesh.

Various control buttons are arranged on the top of the main unit. This part was coated with silicone, it became smooth touch.

Since Sound Blaster Roar supports NFC in addition to Bluetooth connection, it can connect with one touch if it supports it. Next to that you can see an indicator that shows the remaining battery power and a "voice recording function" indicator that allows you to record microphone and voice calls on the main unit.

The button with the Bluetooth mark and the handset mark is called "multifunction button" and it is used when pairing with the terminal and talking by receiving a phone call to the smartphone. When Bluetooth connection is completed, the white LED lamp lights up like a picture. "+" And "-" on the right side are buttons for volume control.

A button and a power button written as "ROAR". The ROAR button is for instantly enlarging the playback volume of music, and when you want to enjoy a powerful sound at parties where friends are gathered etc, it is designed to be powered up.

Various controls and input / output terminals etc are also laid out on the back of the main unit.

On the left side, there are adapters, terminals for external audio input, USB terminals, microSD card slots, etc.

Because Sound Blaster Roar has built-in player that plays back WMA / MP3 files saved on microSD card, you can enjoy music without a terminal such as smartphone.

The red "ARM" switch is a switch for switching the operation of the alarm sound built in the main unit. When "ARM" is ON, if you press and hold the "ALARM" button beneath it, the siren sound will be played at a loud volume. The switch written as "LS" is a switch for switching the security mode of Bluetooth connection, and it is possible to switch between two simultaneous connection and the state that anyone can connect to Sound Blaster Roar. Below that, buttons for playing music on the microSD card, recording buttons etc were arranged.

Even if two units are connected at the same time, only one device can be played at a time.

To pair with Bluetooth, first press the multifunction button on the front of the main unit and blink the white LED. In this state, tapping a device written as "SB ROAR SR 20 A" on the screen of a smartphone etc. completed the pairing and I was able to enjoy the music right away. It seems to be said that it is unique in advanced machines that it corresponds to the high quality audio codec of aptX and AAC.

When you want to enjoy a powerful sound, press the "ROAR" button on the top ... or ...

If you press the "ALARM" button on the back, it is OK. The "ALARM" button also serves as a switch button for "TeraBass mode" to correct the bass range, so if you push it, you can enjoy the sound with more powerfully corrected the sound of the drum and bass according to the volume It will look like.

It is also possible to play music by connecting to a PC of Windows or Mac, using the USB cable, and set detailed sound settings.

In addition, if you connect two Sound Blaster Roars with a dedicated cable, you can also enjoy a sound with increased sense of wideness and power.

Inside the main body is built a lithium-ion battery of 6000 mAh, continuous playback for up to 8 hours is possible, as well as a USB output terminal for charging the external device is also equipped, it is also possible to charge the corresponding smartphone etc. It is.

In this way, Sound Blaster Roar packed with the attention of sound, all kinds of convenient functions, etc. has become a direct-sale limited sale at creative media direct sales online store, and it is sold at a tax-free price of 15,800 yen.

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