"Das Keyboard 5Q" that the keyboard glows in seven colors and can receive notices such as e-mails and reminders

By installing the LED light pipe inside the keyboard, you can make one key light one of the seven colors, the wireless keyboard which can customize and receive various notices using a special application is "Das Keyboard 5Q"is.

Das Keyboard - The Ultimate Mechanical Keyboard Experience for Badasses

You can see what kind of keyboard Das Keyboard 5Q is by seeing the following movie.

While working on a PC, if you open a large number of web browser tabs for information gathering, you may not be able to find the tab you need immediately.

Also, if you are using smartphone notifications, there are things that are annoying as notifications arrive around the clock.

What is being developed is the wireless keyboard "Das Keyboard 5Q" which can be used as a dashboard for notification in addition to the function as an input terminal.

Notification settings are done using the dedicated software "Q app".

First, select the key that you want to shine when receiving notification.

Select the color of the key.

After setting the timing to receive the notification, the setting is completed.

Notifications can be customized for each key.

For notifications on smartphones, notifications arrive at the set time, and there are only options "delete notification" or "snooze".

On the other hand, with Das Keyboard 5Q, you can receive notifications by gradually changing the color of the key from a little before the set time.

Das Keyboard 5Q can customize any notifications such as e-mail, online shopping, reminders, and IoT compatible equipment.

Q app starts with "Q button" at the top right of the keyboard in one shot.

The interface of Q app is as follows.

It is also possible to join the community and share notification settings with other users.

As a method of utilizing Das Keyboard 5Q, for example, when a team member completes a task, a key can be shot ......

You can also display the remaining time until the deadline for tasks that are nearing deadlines. White for the remaining 2 hours.

When the remaining time becomes 5 minutes, the key glows red.

By allowing the "B" key to light when receiving mail from the boss (Boss), it is possible to check e-mails with high urgency immediately.

A notification setting that measures the speed of typing and prompts a break when the speed falls.

Notice settings regarding stock trading and notice on auction bidding.

When the French team decides to score a goal in football, there is also a way to use the key to light red, white, blue tricolor.

Moreover, it is possible to light not only the key but also the keyboard side.

Das Keyboard 5Q supports not only Q app of specialized application but also services such as zapier and IFTTT which can link various web services.

Das Keyboard 5Q is looking for investment for commercialization at Kickstarter of the cloud funding site, and at the time of article creation, at the time of article creation, Das (13,300 yen) was invested in Early Bird plan which is early investment discount system, One Keyboard 5Q can be acquired. In the usual case it is $ 159 (about 16,200 yen). A shipping fee of 30 dollars (about 3100 yen) is required for shipping to Japan. The deadline of investment is 22:02 on Saturday, July 30, 2016.

Das Keyboard 5 Q: The Cloud Connected Keyboard by Das Keyboard - Kickstarter

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