In the situation that the price of Bitcoin soared at the withdrawal of British EU


The virtual currency "Bitcoin" recorded the highest value of 774.94 dollars (about 79,000 yen) of the past two and a half on June 17, 2016, and gradually tended to lower the price there, In the referendum to decide whether Britain should leave the EU or to remain, after a majority of the withdrawal factions surpassed the majority, the price surged by about $ 100 (about 10,000 yen) in just a few hours.

Bitcoin plunges nearly 25% in 6 days: Here's 3 reasons why

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Bitcoin plunges nearly 25% in 6 days: Here's 3 reasons why

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On June 24, 2016 in British Summer Time, Bitcoin's price jumped from 560 dollars (about 57 thousand yen) to 655.63 dollars (about 67 thousand yen) per hour in several hours. There are various causes of price fluctuation, but it took place on June 23, 2016Result of the referendum of "whether Britain should leave the EU"It is considered to have a big influence.

The British referendum is a withdrawal faction 51.4%, residual faction 48.6%, as a result of victory of withdrawal faction. There are people who disapprove on Twitter as "Bitcoin has risen in price with a majority of 51.5% of departing factions."

Others emphasize that the tendency for Bitcoin to be affected by market fluctuations is becoming increasingly strong.

One week before the referendum is carried out, the price rise that occurred on June 17, 2016, was influenced by people buying Bitcoin before the British referendum that they did not know whether they would withdraw from a withdrawal or a residual It seems there is, and Bitcoin's price tends to decline when the public opinion actually shows that "residuals are dominant".

In addition, it is expected that the price rise at this time is also expected to expect that Bitcoin's code will be updated, and that Chinese investors are using Bitcoin as a storage place for assets. Bitcoin is gathering a lot of attention in China, and Bitfinex, a Bitcoin exchange based in Hong Kong, was also temporarily suspended due to network problems.

Bitcoin's price at the time of writing the article is $ 645.00 (about 66,000 yen).

$ 645.00 - CoinDesk BPI

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