Why does Bill Gates donate "chicken" for eradicating poverty?

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"If you have to live on 2 dollars a day (about 210 yen), how do you improve the quality of life?" Bill Gates's answer to "The breeding of chickens" In fact Gates announces that it will donate 100,000 chickens to rural areas in developing countries. Gates' blog keeps track of why chickens can solve poverty.

Why I Would Raise Chickens | Bill Gates

The reason why Mr. Gates thinks "Chickens can solve poverty" is as follows.

(1) Easy to raise and cost less
Basically, as chickens eat anything if they are falling on the ground, it costs less for food, although chickens grow well when you feed them. In addition to completing the hut easily with some wood and wire, it will cause the chicken to dieNewcastle diseaseThe cost of the vaccine is about 20 cents (about 20 yen), so you can raise it with little expenses and care.

(2) Excellent as an investment target
Suppose a farmer starts to keep five hens. If a farmer's neighbor has a cock, he can make a chick from there, and in 3 months he can have 40 chickens. Finally, as chickens can be sold at 5 dollars (about 520 yen) per bird, farmers are going to sell 1,000 dollars (about 104,000 yen), which is the lowest poverty line, 700 dollars a year (about 73,000 yen) You can earn over the years.

(3) It makes the child healthy
Over 3.1 million children annually die from malnutrition. Many farmers return eggs, sell raised chickens and purchase nutritious foods, but since chicken eggs contain a lot of protein and other nutrients, even nutritious meals can be kept as eggs I can give it to my child.

(4) Give power to women
As a chicken is not big like a cow, it can be raised near the house so that women can be taken care of.Melinda GatesAccording to Mr., when women control money, there is a high possibility that women will spend money on categories such as education, health and nutrition, which is important for getting out of poverty than when men control money. If you earn money with chickens, your family benefits greatly.

The state of the people who actually make a living by nurturing chickens can be seen from the following movie.

Poulet Bicyclette - YouTube

A man carrying a chicken with both hands.

Place a chicken on my bicycle or something ......

I run on a bicycle. This is West Africa ·Burkina FasoIt is a sight seen in.

Chickens brought to the market by bicycle are cooked and served as people's meals.

Burkina Faso is an inland country not facing the sea, chickens are a big business.

The number of chickens seems to be three times that of the population.

People in the picture below who actually make a living by raising and selling chickens.

Demand is very high, if you go to the market to sell chickens, you can always sell it.

There are also women who sell 300 chickens a year.

Some women said that "When children become sick they sell chickens and make money."

At home, not only men but also women will be able to earn money, so that respect for women is born. By allowing women to make decisions at home, Melinda will be able to do the "choice to get out of poverty".

It means that only one chick will change life a lot.

Mr. Gates is making an attempt to eradicate poverty by donating 100,000 chickens to sub-Saharan Africa countries and communicating the know-how of poultry farming, but Bolivia where poultry farming is flourishing"Do you think that we are living without knowing the way of production in the jungle 500 years ago, refusing to talk about Bolivia?" Refused Gates' supportdoing.

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