I tried to eat pizza ponzu & wasabi taste of 'Shiitake mushroom shima mushike' which made mushrooms into its snack confection

UHA taste sugar 's "a snack of crispy shiitake mushrooms with plenty of dietary fiber"Shiitake mushrooms of mushroomsIt is a series. In addition to its conventional fragrant soy sauce taste and consommé taste, "Mushroom's Shimmushi Shiitake"Ajiwai ponzu taste"When"Wasabi tasteSince the new taste was added, I actually bought it and tried it.

UHA Taste Sugar Product Catalog Mushrooms Shima Shiitake (Wasabi Taste)

I bought an awesome Ponzu & Wasabi taste of "Mushroom Shima Shiitake".

I'll eat it from awesome ponzu.

Raw materials included mushrooms and ponzu seasoning etc.

The energy per 15 g of bag is 59 kcal.

Open the bag and put it out on the dish.

The shiitake mushrooms that are cut are in that way, it looks like dried shiitake mushrooms.

When eating, the taste of sweet and sour ponzu spreads in the mouth. With a crispy texture, the delicious shimmer shiitake mushrooms came out and it is very delicious. It is a perfect mouthfeel with no greasiness like general snacks, it is also ideal for snacks and drinks when you are hungry.

Next time I will eat wasabi taste.

Raw materials include shiitake mushrooms and wasabi seasoning.

The energy per 15 g of a bag is 59 kcal as well as the awesome ponzu taste.

Try to take it out on a plate.

Shiitake mackerel with plenty of wasabi seasoning has a bitter taste with wasabi, which is the first time to get out of my nose, but as you chew in the mouth with crisp crust, the gentleness of shiitake mushrooms mix with spicy in the mouth I am gossiping. People who are not good at wasabi are good at shunting, but if you like wasabi, it is 1 item you would like to eat.

In addition, "A mushrooms mimashi shiitake mushroom ponzu Ponzu & Wasabi taste are sold at 160 yen including tax.

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