We had a soup shop made weekly curry "cauliflower's keema curry" at soup stock Tokyo

As "Soup Stock Tokyo gets colored in color", at the Soup Stock Tokyo we will be offering three kinds of curry as a weekly exchange from June 13, 2016 (Monday) to July 22 (Friday) I will rush. From the first week of June 13th, a soft cauliflower was added as a new menu "Cauliflower's keema currySince it is provided, I decided to go eat at once.

Curry Stock Tokyo 6/13 (Mon) - July 22 (Fri) | Soup Stock Tokyo Specialty store of eating soup

Arrived at Soup Stock Tokyo.

I found a poster at the shop front. If it sees closely it will be held from June 10 (Friday), but because on June 10 "curry Stock Tokyo day" selling only curry was carried out. A total of 18 kinds of curry which are expected to appear on the poster are introduced, and curry other than the on offer is attached with masking tape of "Curry Stock Tokyo day".

I entered the store and immediately ordered the cauliflower's keema curry (880 yen including tax). The color of the onion pickles on the top left is brilliant.

There is cauliflower that seems to be easy to eat at small in Karelaut. Also, beans such as black beans, lentils, and green peas are also included as gorogoroku, and from the top of the roux they shred the chopped large leaves.

Curry is spicy and spicy, finished with plenty of keema curries. The crispy cauliflower's texture is pleasant and the taste which felt sweetness is also well balanced with keema curry.

As you can see, when you bring curry to your mouth you can enjoy a crispy texture of beans. Also, the sweetness of the beans also gave curry plus mildness and flavor, which is good. Also, at first, the large leaves that I thought "Does it fit curry?", Plus the smell a nice condition.

Rice was using millet rice containing Hadaka, Rice Rice, Yellow Soybean, Hie and so on. When eating alone, it seems to be seasoned with a faint salty taste like rice balls. It seems that such hidden taste also affects the balance of curry as a whole.

The garnish onion pickles taste like rice pickles but the flavor and texture that seems to be onion felt refreshing in the mouth.

The soup stock Tokyo curry will appear one after another on a weekly basis until July 22 (Friday) 2016. "Cauliflower's Keema Curry" is offered until Friday, June 17. In addition, curry is provided weekly instead of Monday - Friday.

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