Hacker who made a worm that wrested enough to make SNS malfunctioning and caused a major incident with its name in history

MySpace, once popular as the Internet's largest SNS,360 million account information leaked and sold on the dark webAlthough it has been reported that it is caught in the trouble, in 2005 that was far before that, there was a case that the entire site was downed by the 19% old hacker worms. Media dealing with gadget and science topics "MotherboardIn the interview he did, the hacker himself appeared and talked about the situation at that time.

Greatest Moments in Hacking History: Samy Kamkar Takes Down Myspace - YouTube

Known as "SamyIt was created by a security expert, a hackerSamy KamkarMr.

In 2005, MySpace was the largest SNS on the Internet, boasting even the size of Google.

Kamkar, who was 19 at the time, created an account on MySpace.

Kamkar is using MySpace and he seems to be searching for something wrong.

Then Kamkar discovered that you can insert code into your profile by exploiting both MySpace and browser vulnerabilities.

So Kamkar created a code saying "Users who saw Kamkar's profile automatically become mutual friends". In addition, this code was very powerful that the same code was copied to the other user 's profile.

The code written by Kamkar spreads more and more within MySpace, such that the code was copied to the profile of the user who saw Kamkar's profile and the code was copied to another user who saw that user's profile It was.

On the day after Mr. Kamkar wrote the code, I confirmed the MySpace profile by thinking "I'm sure that 2 to 3 friends are growing" ......

The number of friends of Mr. Kamkar has increased to 10,000 people.

It seems that it increased to 50 thousand people after that hour.

However, deleting the contents of Mr. Kamkar's profile can not eradicate the worm. Just like a human being caught in a cold, the rest of the people do not get cured just by one person being cured.

So Kamkar said that he decided to delete his MySpace account.

When Kamkar deleted an account on the MySpace setting screen, it says "It will be deleted within 24 hours".

But after Kamkar completed the account deletion procedure, the worm continued to expand within MySpace.

Mr. Kamkar wrote the code 24 hours ago, and Mr. Kamkar's friends is one million.

I updated my profile again and found that Mr. Kamkar's account was deleted.

Kamkar feels relieved that "management deleted the code".

However, when I go to see my girlfriend's profile, my account has been deleted ... ...

"What's going on?" Kamkar panicked.

Looking at MySpace's top page, the page itself is down, and Mr. Kamkar seems to be in a bad mood.

Kamkar also thought "I should apologize for putting coffee and donuts in MySpace's office?" However, the MySpace page resurrected in a few hours and Mr. Kamkar was waiting a few days afterwards, but nothing happened.

Six months later Mr. Kamkar purchased a new car and headed to the parking lot of the apartment, it seems that two men were waiting in front of the car.

Two more men appeared behind the scenes, and Mr. Kamkar thought that "is a car thief?"

Mr. Kamkar who reached the car was surrounded by men ......

Men were found to be investigators of FBI.

Dozens of investigators with guns all investigated Kamkar's home.

It seems that we seized all IT products and left.

At that time, Mr. Kamkar was not arrested.

However, Mr. Kamkar was told that "The prosecutor in the Los Angeles area is going to put you in prison" from the agent, and Kamkar did not know what was going on.

Six months later, the agent will not enter the prison if he pays Kamkar "15,000 to 20,000 dollars (about 1.6 million to 2.2 million yen at that rate) and under the protection supervision for 3 years You can file a claim that you can have one PC if you do not connect to the Internet. "Kamkar decides to file a complaint.

Mr. Kamkar had lived with PC and internet since childhood ... ...

He said that he started his new life apart from the current environment.

Also, since Kamkar was ordered community service from the district prosecutor for 720 hours, he regularly wears an orange juniper, runs on a dump truck from the garbage disposal site and picks up garbage on the road It was.

Kamkar, who was unprotected three years later, was able to revisit the PC and the Internet just like ordinary citizens. Mr. Kamkar went to the Apple Store on a day when protection inspector was released and purchased a notebook type Mac.

Kamkar who went back home went to Mac, but he said that he turned off the power immediately after using it for a few minutes.

After that I went for a drink with a friend, Mr. Kamkar said that he returned to daily life.

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