A huge ball of a mystery has been excavated and announced as "a trace of an undiscovered civilization", but the opinion of experts is divided

It is a republic nation located in the northwestern part of Eastern Europe's BalkansBosnia-Herzegovina, "A stone sphere" containing a high concentration of iron with a radius of approximately 1.2 to 1.5 meters was discovered. Dr. Semir Osmanagic, an archaeologist who is the discoverer, argues that it may be the oldest spherical body of human beings made with civilization over 1500 years ago, but among experts the natural phenomenon "ConclusionThere is no opinion such as "Is not it?"

Semir Osmanagic claims boulder in Podubravlje is the world's oldest man-made sphere | Daily Mail Online

Mysterious giant sphere unearthed in forest divides opinion

The sphere of a mysterious stone was discovered in the forest located near the town of Zavidovici in Bosnia, the sphere has high iron content. Dr. Osmanagic who discovered points out the possibility that it is a trace to prove undiscovered civilization that existed more than 1500 years ago. Originally this area seems to be the place where many similar stone spheres existed, but the urban legend that "the gold block is hidden in the sphere" circulated, most of it was destroyed by the 1970s He said that.

Dr. Osmanagic previously used the vast underground tunnel at the Visoko Valley in Bosnia, about 12,000 years agoPyramid of BosniaIt is also a person who announced that he discovered that. The Bosnian government provides financial support for pyramid excavation work to Dr. Osmanagic, but several experts dismiss Osmanagic's claim as "terrain formed naturally rather than man-made".

Dr. Osmanagic announced that he discovered "Zavidovici spehere" (sphere of Zavidovici) as the oldest human being artifact. A stone sphere with the following discovered and a copy of Dr. Osmanagic.

For this sphere,University of Manchester Earth and Atmospheric EnvironmentHe is a lecturer ofMandy EdwardsMr. said, "Spheres may not be man-made, they may have been formed by the accumulation of cement of natural minerals", and the natural phenomena in which minerals develop locally to form spheres "ConclusionIt shows the possibility of being. Also, experts from the London Geological Society "Spherical weatheringIt is pointed out that there is a possibility of it.

The existence of such shaped objects by the power of nature is confirmed in all over the world. In the following article, cases and photographs of the concretion discovered in the state of North Dakota in the United States are published and can be compared with the ball of Bosnia this time.


A lot of spherical rock masses such as the following are seen in Badland of North Dakota State. These are concrete andNoduleIt is a rock called "sedimentary rock" formed in the form of blobs or spheres due to the action of substances inside.

Some chunks become complete spheres like as cannon shells. You can see that the parts that are layered like onion are very similar to Bosnia's spheres. It is said that sedimentary rock sucks up groundwater containing minerals and precipitates in such a form. Since iron and other minerals may precipitate in concrete and nodules, it also explains that Bosnia's spheres contain high concentrations of iron.

In addition, the sphere of the stone by the concretion existing in Champ Island is also summarized in the following article.

The Enigmatic Stone Spheres of Franz Josef Land - Urban Ghosts

Even in Franz Josef Islands including Champ Island in the vicinity of the North Pole, we found a strange stone sphere that looks like a man-made object. Below is a sphere of stone in Champ Island, which seems to be an artificial object with a perfect sphere at first sight, but it seems to know that it is made by precipitation of particulate minerals in the gap between sedimentary rocks.

From another angle, you can see the same layer as Bosnia's sphere.

These stone spheres are reminiscent of the possibility of lost advanced civilization, alien, eggs, fossils of dinosaurs, but due to natural phenomena, at least evidence of advanced civilization lost There is no such thing.

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