Movie release at the moment when you succeeded in shooting a squirrel from low altitude with a close approach to a whale by drone

Unmanned airplane drone,Delivery of luggageAnd at the restaurantCooking serving, And even drone flying illegallyCatch on droneIt is used for a wide range of applications including trials. The Ocean Alliance, which carries out whale protection activities in the California Bay, has dedicated drone "Snotbot", Dr. Drone" DJI "Phantom 4"When"Inspire 1We have successfully taken a close-up picture of how a wild whale blows the tide near the sea surface.

Snotbot: Help fund critical whale research with drones. By Ocean Alliance - Kickstarter

Ocean Alliance has sold 229,819 dollars (approx. 25.1 million yen) in the past to develop development donation "Snotbot" to investigate the ecology of whales by Kickstarter of the cloud funding site in the past, We are gathering and making the project successful. Later, the Ocean Alliance successfully captured the ecology of wild whales, such as the moment whales leave the sea and blow the tide from their backs, using the drone borrowed from DJI in addition to Snotbot in California Bay. DJI has released a movie.

DJI Stories - Snotbot: Pushing the Frontiers of Whale Research - YouTube

Ice Ker, CEO of the Ocean Alliance, has planned the development of Snotbot and also maneuvers the drone himself.

Snotbot said that it was developed under the concept of collecting physical and biological data on whales, taking pictures and pictures, without being noticed by whales. When Snotbot flew for the first time it seems that it was also taken up in the local newspaper.

In the office of Ocean Alliance, tools for observing whales are slurry.

A whale blows up from his backtideIt contains a lot of chemical substances such as whale DNA, pregnancy hormone, stress hormone, pesticides and metals that flowed into the sea, Mr. Ker said, "By collecting the tide it is possible to unravel the ecology of the whale I thought that I could do "for a while. However, he said he needed a tool to collect the tide without violating the ecology of whales.

So approaching just above the whale with a drone, taking a picture of a whale and collecting a tide with a camera attached to the drone.

Drone's maneuvering seems to have been done manually by Mr. Kerr.

In addition to the original drone "Snotbot" made by Kickstarter's fund, Mr. Ker used DJI's drone as a survey of whales. Attach pole and cloth to drone ......

It seems that he skipped the drone and collected the whale blood.

As this experiment succeeded, we will continue to fly DJI Inspire 1 directly above the whale, and we will ship the ship to the offshore.

Three transparent petri dishes are mounted on the drones' top.

It fly drone to the sea and approaches the whale.

Successfully approaching while a whale is stunningly blowing a tide.

The camera got wet to the beachbella with the tide.

Looking at how drone seized a whale's squirting from a distance it looks like the following.

Drone 's camera shoots perfectly also how the whale waving its tail and going back into the sea.

In experiments using DJI Inspire 1, it seems that we succeeded in collecting 20 tidal samples.

According to the conventional method, it was possible to approach the whale easily and cheaply if it is a drone, placing over 10 people on a huge ship and taking time to take a week.

The Ocean Alliance said that it analyzes the substances contained in the collected tides and uses the photographs and movies taken to make it useful for the ecology protection of whales.

Surveys of animals using drone seem to be applicable not only to whales but also to any wildlife.

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