23 pictures of "Photo Walking" to shoot the spectacular sight of the city


Walking around the city with a camera, shoot without missing interesting scenes "Photo walking"How to photograph impressive photos with photographersThomas RoithartMr. is summarizing.

23 Ninja Tips For Your Next Photo Walk - YouTube

◆ 01: Wearing dark clothes
If you are wearing bright clothes, the figure you are shooting becomes conspicuous, so black clothes are better suited for shooting.

◆ 02: Using the wireless operation function of the camera
Hold the camera casually ... ...

Shooting in cooperation with smartphones.

You can take natural facial expressions of the subject.

◆ 03: Use the camera mode properly
For example, in P mode (program auto), the camera automatically adjusts the brightness, so you can focus on shooting only.

◆ 04: Composition is determined and waits for timing

Shooting at the timing when people just passed between street trees.

◆ 05: Use continuous shooting mode

From the pictures taken by continuous shooting ... ...

Pick up the one that was most successful.

◆ 06: Wait for a decisive moment

Pace up the moment when a passerby is reflected in a puddle.

◆ 07: Measure the luminance by staring your eyes

It is a point to shoot so that the subject comes to the brightest position in the composition.

◆ 08: Sometimes interrupt the shooting and upload one or two photos to Instagram etc.
When you continue shooting for a long time, since the pictures are gathering up, uploading several pictures after shooting to a certain extent, you will not have to worry about it later.

◆ 09: At the same time, keep a backup of the photos and free up the memory card's capacity

◆ 10: Search for a new composition

Taking a camera behind the scene and shooting.

◆ 11: Shoot from a high place
I will challenge shooting at various angles.

◆ 12: Use a tripod

With a tripod, it is possible to shoot from a higher position.

If you change the angle of a pedestrian crossing alone, it is different from your usual atmosphere.

◆ 13: Water is compatible with the slow shutter speed

You can shoot the fountain impressively.

◆ 14: Use things on the spot as a frame

For example, a person sitting on a bench may be photographed through objects in town ......

Pashari cafe plants and guests.

It is ant also to use the arch of the building as a frame.

◆ 15: Use alleys and entrances

Hold the camera in front of the door ......

Shoot the moment when someone passed the street.

◆ 16: Shoot only a part of the subject

◆ 17: Use shadows

◆ 18: Using reflections

◆ 19: Shoot without fear of people

People are taking a break on the bench.

◆ 20: Introduce yourself to the subject
You may be pleased if you give me your business card and promise to "send photos by email."

Even SNS may be a follower.

◆ 21: Save the photo without erasing it
Sometimes it is important to look back at past pictures and get feedback.

◆ 22: Using black and white processing
B & W processing is compatible with street snaps.

◆ 23: Too much work on photos

If I can see the name of Photoshop's processing tool by looking at the picture, I will say that the picture is overworked.

Lastly, Mr. Rohartt talked about "the photography in town is like fishing, about fascination of photo walking", rather than simply eating fish, it is more interesting to catch fish.

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