16 art techniques when creating portrait

It is 16 art techniques when creating portrait (portrait). It is quite difficult to take pleasing photos, but if you use some techniques you may be able to take pleasing photos.

Details are as below.
1. Photoshop
Recommended for those who can use the computer as it is.

Photo by Paul Moody

2. Texture
It may be useful for harmonizing themes and backgrounds.

Photo by Sukanto Debnath

3. Excessive exposure
Depending on how to use it has the effect of making the image of the picture smoother.

Photo by sam_samantha

4. Lack of exposure
You can make it a picture of harder image with more burning.

Photo by ConfusedVision

5. Backlight
You can emphasize the subject more like the hair of this picture.

Photo by Caleb Sconosciuto

6. Posing
Shooting from angles and poses different from usual is a different impression of the impression.

Photo by Socar Myles

7. Culture
I feel normal about where I live, without being conscious of it, but something that others feel so exotic.

Photo by vodkamax

8. Reflection
It is possible to obtain a different texture and result than ordinary photographs by using reflective objects such as windows, mirrors, water.

Photo by Gary H. Spielvogel

9. Shadow
Actually, shadows may be more powerful than people.

Photo by Brian Auer

10. Approach
Partial emphasis is possible.

Photo by Phil Hilfiker

11. Focus matching
If the focus is shifted, it also makes it hard to catch people clearly, so giving a mysterious image to the pictures as well.

Photo by a bout de souffle

12. Motion
Even if you are totally blurred, you can express your movement well.

Photo by ArtWerk

13. Moment
Those that are not dressed and do not pose are also attractive.

Photo by Mireia

14. Color
By painting a strong contrasting color, you can point attention to a part of the picture.

Photo by TNT Photo

15. Serious
A smile is not necessary for every picture. Sometimes, these kinds of pictures can express emotion better.

Photo by Saad Akhtar

16. Props
It is also possible to take more interesting pictures by using props that are scattered around.

Photo by Bachellier Christian

16 Inspirational Portrait Photography Techniques

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