Awesome movie collection "AlgoRythmics" explaining sorting algorithms such as "quick sort" and "bubble sort" with folk dancing

The work of rearranging a lot of data in ascending order (ascending order) or in descending order (descending order) according to the magnitude relationsort(Align), which is commonly used in software programs. In order to perform such a sorting work, the sorting algorithm was handled as a "sorting algorithm", and understanding the idea seems to be "HOOE, I see." However, something that is too complicated and difficult to understand There is. A movie collection that expresses algorithms according to folk dances just like what is famous among such sorting algorithms and want to understand the mechanismAlgoRythmics"Has been released, and it is a fascinating movie that puts aside whether or not there is a learning effect, so that he can notice misunderstanding.

One of the most famous sorting algorithms "Bubble sort"On Hungarian folk dance is expressed as"Bubble-sort with Hungarian ("Csángó") folk dance". The number of views exceeds 1 million.

Bubble-sort with Hungarian ("Csángó") folk dance - YouTube

Men and women who loop in the center of the stage.

I began to rotate to the music.

As the direction of rotation changes, the circle spreads.

Occasionally stepping through the steps ......

A line of male and female divided into front and back.

And while doing a dance, this time men 's team is in front.

If you look closely, the dancer put numbers on her chest.

When it became a line, a frame of a [0] to a [9] appeared on the stage. Apparently, according to the frame order, it seems to be aligned by the bubble sort in ascending order from the left.

Since it is a bubble sort, I will rearrange them in order with my neighbors. Two people on the left side of the stage came out and started folk dancing.

Since men are "0" and women are "3", it seems that men and women are turning because they need to change their seats.

Safely, the man left and the lady right, the number changed in ascending order.

Next, a woman of "3" and a woman of "1" go out.

After all, I started turning because I need to change places.

I switched the order and went back to the row.

Next is a woman of "3" and a man of "8".

It is already in ascending order, so we will not go around with them. Nothing will change places.

Next is a man of "8" and a woman of "7".

Again, I started dancing to change.

With such a feeling, while sequentially comparing the numbers of each other's chest in turn, we will change the place according to the bubble sort while dancing.

The two people who dance have reached the far right.

Since the magnitude relation was confirmed, it faced backwards.

Following the bubble sort like this, the dance will be unfolded swiftly.

Finally, sorting is completed in order of smaller numbers.

Then dance with everyone again.

It is a surreal sight.

The folk dance movie replaced by this bubble sort is the Romanian sapiantia university and the musician'sKátai ZoltánWorks by Mr. Tóth László. We also create and publish movies that dance various sorting algorithms with folk dance.

"Quick sortMovie that expresses "Quick-sort with Hungarian (Küküllőmenti legényes) folk dance". This also has more than 1 million views.

Quick-sort with Hungarian (Küküllőmenti legényes) folk dance - YouTube

"Insert sort"Is the theme"Insert-sort with Romanian folk dance"

Insert-sort with Romanian folk dance - YouTube

"Merge SortExplain in an easy-to-understand manner "Merge-sort with Transylvanian-saxon (German) folk dance"

Merge-sort with Transylvanian-saxon (German) folk dance - YouTube

"Shell sort"Is the theme"Shell-sort with Hungarian (Székely) folk dance"There is a wonderful looking up tempo.

Shell-sort with Hungarian (Székely) folk dance - YouTube

"Selective sort"of"Select-sort with Gypsy folk danceBecause, due to too much long-term space, the middle part is fast-forwarding, so I do not understand what is somewhat clear.

Select-sort with Gypsy folk dance - YouTube

A movie collection that I'm not sure if I can not understand what the sort algorithm is like "AlgoRythmicsHowever, because each movie has strange addictions, they both earn a lot of views.

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