'Algorithm Visualizer', a site where you can visually display algorithms and check them with code

When an algorithm is displayed in a program, it is difficult to imagine the program of the algorithm to be executed because the concept of the algorithm itself is complicated and partly because of abstract code. For learning such an abstract algorithm program, ' Algorithm Visualizer ' that visualizes the algorithm while displaying not only the code but also the log when the program is actually run is very useful.

Algorithm Visualizer


Algorithm Visualizer is a service that allows you to deepen your understanding of algorithms by displaying algorithms such as bubble sort and binary search (binary search) as programs while visualizing and logging the movements when actually executing. ..

The algorithm names are lined up on the left side of the page, and the program of the selected algorithm can be executed.

At the top center of the page you can visualize the behavior of the executed algorithm.

At the top right of the page, the program for initial setting (condition setting) of the algorithm to be executed is displayed.

Below that is a concrete program that implements the algorithm in Javascript.

Let's visualize the algorithm at once. Select 'Bubble Sort' and click 'Run'.

Then, the animation at the center of the page starts moving and the algorithm is visualized.

Also, under the animation, the progress of the algorithm was displayed as a log as described in the Javascript program.

The numerical value of the condition setting can be changed by keyboard input.

You can also change the specific program for the algorithm.

The algorithm provided in Algorithm Visualizer at the time of article creation is like this.

・ DFS (

depth-first search )

・ BFS (

Breadth-first search )

・ Dijkstra (

Dijkstra method )

· Bellman-Ford (

Bellman - Ford method )

・ Warshall-Floyd (Warshall-Floyd

method )

· Insertion Sort (

insertion sort )

· Selection Sort (

selection sort )

・ Bubble Sort

· Quicksort (

quick sort )

· Mergesort (

merge sort )

· Heap Sort (

heap sort )

AlgorithmVisualizer was created by parkjs814, and the program is available on GitHub.

GitHub-parkjs814 / AlgorithmVisualizer: Algorithm Visualizer

parkjs814 has called on people who have written programs for other algorithms to add data according to the Wiki published on the above GitHub page.

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