"Project Abacus" for Google to eliminate traditional passwords and learn user's behavior and to authenticate will begin soon

ByMark Rain

When shopping from a smartphone or accessing a bank account, it is necessary to log in using password authentication or fingerprint biometric authentication, but in order to eliminate such a conventional password system, System that verifies identity from behavior data "Project AbacusAnnounced that it will be pilot experiment from around the summer of 2016.

Google plans to bring out password-free logins to Android apps by year-end | TechCrunch

The presentation that details of Project Abacus became clear can be confirmed from the following movie. There is about 1 hour movie, but about Project Abacus is talking from 4 minutes 55 seconds to around 5 minutes and 42 seconds.

Imagine the possibilities. ATAP. - Google I / O 2016 - YouTube

Project Abacus was announced in 2015Google I / O"In 2016,"Google I / OThe detail was announced as a follow-up report at. Dan Kaufman, who leads ATAP from Google's advanced technology development team, invented Project Abacus, "Project Abacus is the project to eliminate the password system, even though there are a lot of sensors on the smartphone Even though I can not recognize the user, I should be able to use smartphones smoothly without having to enter a password by recognizing the user with only the sensors installed on the smartphone. "History of devising Project Abacus I talked about.

Project Abacus is not a traditional password, it is a system to comprehensively analyze user's behavior such as typing pattern, walking, location information, face, voiceprint and identity verification. If the identification data is insufficient with the data collected by the sensor, you will need to enter the password. Moreover, it will make difference in the level of authentication according to the importance of the login service and the application. For example, bank accounts may have higher authentication levels than mobile game logins, and so on.

According to Mr. Kaufman, Project Abacus has reached the test operation stage, testing begins at several major financial institutions around the summer of 2016, and hopefully it will be offered to all Android developers by the end of 2016 It is said that.

It really seems that if Project Abacus is provided to general users it will be very useful, but it is a concern as to what safety is like compared to password input and fingerprint authentication, and by keeping the sensor to operate at all times As the influence on the battery is also considered, it will be expected for the follow-up report on the result of the test operation.

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