Man and Grizzly Bear - Rewriting History Movie with a Friendly Miracle of Human and Mega Bear "Grizzly"

Casey Anderson, a natural activist who lives in the United States, said two of them who were on the verge of euthanasia who lost their parentsGrizzlySince we took over the baby of Kuma (bear), we have lived together for over 10 years, and we are building a relationship of trust and friendship between humans and Grizzly which we can not normally see. Growth when it grows may weigh more than 400 kg, and when attacked it is not considered a grizzly that is considered to be the subject of fear for human beings, but all the miracle scenes that completely overturn such common sense are all GoPro HERO 4 The movie that you put in using is released.

GoPro: Man and Grizzly Bear - Rewriting History - YouTube

Casey Anderson is the man who is reflected with Grizzly's "Brutus". Mr. Anderson is a person who brought up two grizzlys who lost their parents at a bear protection facility in Montana, USA and raised one of them to become an adult.

In the movie, the appearance that Brutus and Mr. Anderson are playing together is contained at the level just saying "this is still", and I can not help surprising if bears and humans can become so close together.

Mr. Anderson's home. It is a house built in nature, it seems to be living surrounded by animals.

There is also a cat in the house.

Brutus lives in Wyoming, Montana and Idaho.Yellowstone National ParkInside the Grizzly Protection Center in. Yellowstone National Park, which is also the world's first national park, has its natural appearance in its original form, and strict regulations are established to protect the Yellowstone ecosystem (ecosystem) where animals other than Grizzly live .

Anderson who plays with Brutus in such nature. It seems that this is digging soil and opening a hole.

Mr. Anderson also seems to be doing Brutus's paw with a twig. If it is a person who is not used to, it is a dangerous scene even after life in a few seconds, but Brutus looks like a kitten in front of his close friend Anderson.

I fell asleep, of that I fell asleep.

Yellowstone National Park is an area with a vast area of ​​about 900,000 hectares, its size isTokyo DomeConverting it to about 190,000 pieces, it is comparable to half of Shikoku.

The area where Grizzly inhabits, including Yellowstone National Park, extends to an area that spans Canada. Wild grizzly is also designated as an endangered species and is under protection, but there are problems such as human beings being damaged by contact with humans.

Therefore, it is recommended to keep a distance of about 100 meters with the wild Grizzly. Grizzly can run at maximum speed of 50 km / hour, and the usain · bolt player can not run away too fast.

But the relationship between Mr. Anderson and Brutus is something that does not make such a terrible feeling. I feel like playing with puppies ...

Squirting up the splashes in the stream.

Two people walking in Noyama like brothers

Anderson said, "Why did you call it Brutus? I betrayed CaesarBrutusFrom? He says that he may be asked. But Mr. Anderson said that he changed his history and wanted to rewrite Brutus' name in history as a symbol of great brotherly love.

Mr. Anderson has launched the organization "Montana Grizzly Encounter" to protect Grizzlye and is engaged in protection and educational activities of Grizzlies other than Brutus. Details of the activity can be seen on the following website.

Montana Grizzly Encounter

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