I tried to split it with tea or water, "Make it at home! Soluti Lychi" of 5 times concentrated stock solution that can make that Solty Lyche with the desired strength

A drink featuring lyche's refreshing sweetness "Salti lych from Kitchen of the worldSince its introduction in July 2011, it is becoming a standard for drinks for summer. From Tuesday, April 19, 2016, along with renewal of the taste, a 5-fold concentrated stock solution that can make Soltyi lychee at home "Let's make it at home! Salty lychee"Has appeared, so I actually tried to purchase and make Soltyi lychee.

Make it from the kitchen of the giraffe world at home! Soltyi Lychee | Soft drinks | Product information | Giraffe

Let's make it at home! Salty Lyche comes with a 500 ml paper pack.

If you dilute to 5 times the dilution standard, you can make 2.5 liters of Solty Lyche in a single bottle.

Raw materials include grapefruit, grape, lychee, sugar, salt and so on. Calories are diluted 5-fold at 100 ml · 34 ml / 20 ml of stock solution.

Also on the side of the pack is a recipe using Salty lychee stock solution.

Along with Solty Lyche with 500ml PET bottle, make it at home! It turns out that Soltyi lychee follows the design of PET bottle.

Both raw materials and calories are exactly the same.

Let's make it at home! When using Solty Lyche, remove the blue cap at the top of the pack and remove the inner lid.

Pouring it into the cup, it has the same taste as the stock solution of Calpis and sweet scent of lyche drifts.

Salti lyche with PET bottle is slightly whitish and muddy transparent, but the stock solution is slightly brownish transparent.

Pour water into the stock solution ......

Completion of Salty Lychee. When you drink it, the fruity aroma and sweetness of lychee are complemented with salty taste and you can also feel the sourness of grapefruit. It is convenient that you can adjust the darkness by changing the amount of stock solution when you make a lot of Solty Lychees at once or you feel that the taste is dark and light at Solty Lychee with PET bottle.

If you keep the pack of stock solution at room temperature, it will become somewhat tepid and sweetness will come out strongly when making Soltyi lyche, so cool the original solution in the refrigerator beforehand or use ice to make it cool, etc. It looks good when drunk.

Compared with Soltyi lychee with plastic bottle, Soluti lychees made from stock solution were slightly brownish in color.

Also make it at home! Using "Solty Lyche"Salty lychee tea"Recipe has been released, so I actually made it. How to make it, make it at home, for the tea made for the thick! Just pour Soluti lyche and mix well.

By adding to warm tea, you can enjoy the sourness of grapefruit and enjoy the flavor like flavor tea.

In addition, the suggested retail price of "Let's make it at home! Solty Lyche" is 460 yen without tax.

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