What is the technology that will be realized in the next 75 years with the world's first programmable computer "Zuse Z 3" that opened the door of the digital revolution 75 years ago?

Computers expressing everything with just '0 and 1' got deeply into people's lives and now became an unthinkable society such as a computerless life, but the original machine was made only for 75 years It was before. Developed in Berlin, Germany at the time "Zuse Z3(Zuse Z3) "is a computer with a function" controllable by using a program "different from the computer until then, is said to be the root leading to modern computers.

Konrad Zuse and the digital revolution he started with the Z3 computer 75 years ago | Sci-Tech | DW.COM | 11.05.2016

Zuse Z3 is a German civil engineer and inventorKonrad TozeIt was invented by Mr. Konrad Zuse and was completed in May 1941 and succeeded in running it. At that time it was an unstable world situation where the world war 2 occurred, in the UKAlan Turing"Bombe (Bombe)" that they developed in 1940 and "Bombe" developed in 1946 in the United StatesENIAC(Eniak) "was invented, but Z3, which is able to operate with the" binary method "that is currently available, and that can be operated freely by recombining programs freely is said to be the father of modern computers Many opinions are present.

When Mr. Zuse completed Z3, it was a time when transistors which are indispensable for modern computers still do not exist yet. In order for the computer to perform computation it is necessary to switch the signals of 0 and 1 (on / off), and in those days vacuum tubes were often used, but in addition to vacuum tubes TherelayWe are using this to achieve this. There are 2,200 relays used in Z3, its weight is as much as 1 ton, and the program and output data were managed by "puncher" which punctures celluloid film.


The main purpose of computer (or calculator) at that time was to be used for decryption and trajectory calculation, but Z3 completed by Mr. Zuse in 1941 elucidates the phenomenon of vibration "flutter" occurring on the wing of the airplane It was said that it was the purpose. Such Z3 was destroyed in 1943 "bombing of Berlin", but it was completely restored by Mr. Zuse 's company "Zuse KG" in the 1960s, and it is in MunichDeutsches MuseumIt is permanently preserved with.

The design of Z3,Boolean operationRepresent information in binary fashion based onFlip-flop circuitIt is said that adoption of this method is the basis of the technology leading to the present. Basics in the foundation of computers such as 'machine language', Basic, and modern JavaScript and other programming languages ​​and algorithms for managing huge databases were shaped in Z3.

Indeed, it can be said that Z3 is the starting point of modern computer technology, but how far Mr. Zousse and others could foresee computer technology and the society brought about by the breakthrough evolution that started from there It is not certain. As transistors were invented, and the integration of electronic circuits became possible, miniaturization of computers advanced dramatically. In the early days of the dawn, computers that were as large as one large room were to be consolidated into small chips that could be ridden at the fingertips in modern times, so computers passed far beyond 'one person' A society called "the Internet of goods" in which all things are connected via the Internet is about to come.

Mr. Zuse who is the creator of Z3 has left the world in 1995. Strangely this year was Microsoft Windows 95 was released and the era of explosive computerization began.

By Wolfgang Hunscher, Dortmund

A society that can not be imagined in "only 75 years ago" is about to come true, but then is there a technology that will spread to society in the "next 75 years"? Andreas Furler, a researcher at IBM,Quantum computerIt is the core of the next computer society. A quantum computer whose concept was proposed in the 1982s used the features of quantum which is a particle which can take two states "0 and 1" at the same timeQubitIt is thought that if you realize it can be done in a short time of only a few tens of seconds it will not be solved even if the current supercomputer takes thousands of years.

Also, it is predicted that the AI ​​(artificial intelligence) technology, which continues to evolve at a rapid pitch, will become very common day. Professor Matthew Veyz of Swinburne University, Australia said, "It is certainly the time to think in the future as" what a primitive device was used in 2016. "AI is the most important technology. , AI will be the last and most important revolution in technological progress by mankind. "

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