If I time warp and kill my grandfather, I will not be born, so can not I kill him? Can we eliminate the paradox of

ByKevin Trotman

"If you kill your grandfather by time warping in the past, you will not be born and you will not be able to kill your grandfathers in the past" as a famous paradox "Grandfather Paradox (Parent killing paradox) "Is known. movie"Solution to the Grandfather Paradox"Explains that this Grandfather Paradox is solvable rather than paradox.

Solution to the Grandfather Paradox - YouTube

As far as we know, "time" goes in one direction.

If you can go back to the past at some point, it is considered that a big contradiction will occur.

For example, if you go back to the past and kill your grandfather ... ...

The grandfather's child (that is your parent) will not be born, and you will not be born if you killed the old man.

, It is impossible to act "to kill my grandfather by going back to the past".

This is called the famous "Grandfather Paradox"paradoxis.

A simple idea to solve the Grandfather Paradox ......

From the moment you killed grandfather, another time line will appear and time will advance. This way of thinking is a boring idea that simply avoids the paradox.

If I actually go back to the past and influence my past, can not we connect the past with the future?

You will not be born if you kill grandfather.

Then my grandfather will not be killed.

If you connect this flow like a loop, you will endure forever, "You kill grandfather → you are not born → grandfather is not killed → you are born → ... ...".

Of course, in this loop there are two stories mixed up when the old man is killed or not killed. Is it possible that such a thing is possible?

I do not know how it is with time travel theory, but in the world of quantum smaller than atom it is possible to take such two states at the same time.

There are two states simultaneously exist until observation is doneSuperimpositionYaDouble slit experimentAs is known and others.

Given the above theory, if you have a grandfather living world and a world of dying at the same time, it means that the world where you are born and the world not born can occur simultaneously.

If this is the case, the loop may go back and forth and it may be repeated around.

In theory there is no paradox.

This solution,Markov chainThe concept is also accepted.

But theoretically possible things do not actually happen.

With numerous theories, it is concluded that "time travel to the past is impossible".

The important point here is to think of what is going on when we think of it as a paradox is a paradox in my head though it is not actually possible.

Before the Grandfather Paradox was a paradox ......

Time is not twisted so much.

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