"World of VNC" summarizing the screenshot of a passwordless VNC server

ByGawain Bai

You can remotely control the screen of another PC through the networkVNCFor security measures, it is written on manuals and many sites to set passwords. However, since many people still do not put a password, "World of VNC"We shoot screenshots of a VNC server without password, with the meaning of enlightenment posted on the site.

World of VNC

According to the information of the site, the scan was executed on March 31, 2016. Since there were 3567 servers that could acquire the screen without a password, he said that he released the screen shot.

World of VNC's Twitter account (@ world ofvnc)So, posting is done with a word in a screenshot.

The image list of the security camera has been released and "More security camera!"

"This is a good condition - it is because it is not a dentist," is a tooth X-ray photo.

FPS game ·Sudden AttackI am playing.

The reason why I got the comment "a nice collection"Foobar 2000I was just listening to music.

During puzzle capture?

More than 3000 screen shots were taken, but it seems that this was one Mac OS X server.

Information such as temperature management which was thrust as "Why did this spa open VNC connection?"

In addition, people who saw the site also said that "I found information on nuclear power plants" tweet ....

Statistics published on the siteAccording to the number of open VNC servers, the largest number was 545 in the US, followed by France (321), Korea (264), China (219), Germany (173), Russia (151), Sweden (128), India (125), Finland (101), Italy (101) and so on.

If you are using VNC, please do not forget to set the password again.

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