Virus is discovered from a computer at a nuclear power plant in Germany

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At a nuclear power plant in Germany, computers operating nuclear fuel rods were found infected with viruses. Fortunately, it is said that the operation of the power plant was not affected, and the company that operates the power plant and the Federal Government of Germany jointly are trying to identify the infection route of the virus jointly.

German nuclear plant infected with computer viruses, operator says | Reuters

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The virus was found at Gundreminen Nuclear Power Plant in Bavaria, Germany, a major German energy companyRWEIt is operated. Of the three reactors, you can remotely control the PC from the computer of Unit B that is runningW32.Ramnit"Stealing files inside the PC"Conficker"Two types of viruses were discovered by the engineers of the power plant.

W32.Ramnit diffuses via a data storage medium such as a USB memory, and if a computer infected with W32.Ramnit is connected to the Internet, an attacker can remotely operate the computer. Conficker is a worm that pulls out the user certificate and financial information in the PC and turns the infected computer into a bot to be a DDoS attack.


According to RWE 's announcement, the computer where the virus was found was not connected to the Internet, so it did not affect the operation of the power plant. In RWE, the Information Security Division of the German Federal GovernmentBSIIt seems to be investigating the invasion route of virus along with it. The computer where the virus was found knows that remodeling was added in 2008 to cooperate the equipment that moves nuclear fuel rods and data visualization software.

Also, in another office away from the place where the operating system of the reactor is managed, 18 USB memory infected with malware was found. RWE announces that it will "strengthen cyber security measures".

Mikko Hypponen, the chief research officer of F-Secure, a security countermeasure company, said, "It is not uncommon for computer viruses to be found in important infrastructure facilities, as it is not an explicit targeted attack on power plants The risk will be low, "he said.


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