Headline news on May 13, 2016

All 53 clubs belonging to the J league collaborated with Kumamon so that they can support the victims of the Kumamoto earthquake that occurred in April 2016 and the football club · Roasso Kumamoto belonging to the J-League who is active in Kumamoto prefectureLet's work hard Kyushu · Kumamoto Tikara together. Towel muffler"Will be on sale. The same towel muffler is prepared for all 53 clubs belonging to three categories of J1, J2, J3, revenues excluding production costs are all donated to Roasso Kumamoto through Roosso Kumamoto support receipt account, and the reconstruction carried out by the club It is useful for support activities. In addition, "Ganbaro Let's Kyushu · Kumamoto Tikara at the same time. Towel muffler" is scheduled to be released on the following page from 15:00 on Tuesday, 15th May 2016 (Sunday) at 12 pm.

J.LEAGUE ONLINE STORE × Ganbarou Kyushu · Kumamoto

Incidentally, I posted such an article on the same day of the same month in the past.

Summer new model Arranged NTT docomo 2015 summer new service · New product launch summary - GIGAZINE

NTT docomo 2015 summer model All models All images Summary - GIGAZINE

What is the nuclear energy ecosystem learned from the "Okuro natural nuclear reactor" that existed on the earth two billion years ago? - GIGAZINE

A slight strategy common to the eight people of the Billionaire who succeeded from a poor person - GIGAZINE

Volume and taste of 'Bandit's spare rib' is too good soon to evolve into a scramble fight competition - GIGAZINE

Review by Harrious Glass "Drip Decanter" Review, which makes it easy and fashionable to wish to drink a good coffee - GIGAZINE

◆ Story (memo · various others)
When laughing with a loud voice I went to protest because I heard that the wall was donned from the next room, the sound of the guitar sounds, or I love it because of the voice of a woman → I went to protest → TL - Togetter trembling up in a rainless development

◆ Science (science · academic · technology)
Machine learning and deep learning mathematics

Salamander with only female, Benefits of surprise found | National Geographic Japan version site

Switch of the brain to decide "Ishikai" or "Confession of love" ... | Press Release | Tohoku University - TOKO UNIVERSITY -

The brake to "whisper of love" is effective in one step, and the brake to "burst of anger" is released in two steps.

(PDF)Development of liquid crystal device with super flexible structure ~ Flexible flexibility ... | Press Release | Tohoku University - TOKO UNIVERSITY -

◆ Society, Politics, Economy (Incidents · World News · Business)
Living support for the people of Ainu to improve legislation including consideration measures | NHK News

Kumamoto earthquake: active fault just under the dam under construction or Kumamoto · Nishihara - Mainichi Newspaper

Runway construction: data corruption even in Fukuoka, Matsuyama, Toa Corporation Construction Mainichi Newspaper

However, excavation did not work due to obstructions such as concrete pieces in the ground, and all the pipes buried in the ground were different from the planned position. As a result, there was a construction failure that only 5.4% of the drug solution could be injected, but the company told the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Forestry and Fisheries in the direction of the Tokyo branch manager at that time to pretend that the construction work was done as specified in the specification I had gone.

Severe abuse of children by tourists gets deepened, report picture 1 international news: AFPBB News

Pope Francisco promises to consider the lifting of female priests 1 photo International News: AFPBB News

Neo Post Group and Yamato Group established "Packcity Japan", a joint venture company, to launch an open-type home delivery locker business that multiple businesses can jointly use | Yamato Holdings

Prior to establishment, we have carried out test operation with multiple operators and demonstrated that they can be used jointly. Among them, as a result, about 1,000 customers used it, the improvement of customer satisfaction and the reduction of the redelivery rate within the area * by about 2% *, etc. Reduction of redelivery and the accompanying environmental measures It turned out that certain effects could be expected. From around June we will establish an open-type home delivery locker around the Tokyo metropolitan area station in cooperation with East Japan Railway Company.

In the future, we aim to introduce to more than 5,000 places by 2022, by deploying more convenient and comfortable services such as not only receiving baggage but also a mechanism that you can easily ship your package.

Yamato launches open-type home delivery locker "PUDO" - aims to install 5000 units in FY 2022 | Shopping Tribe

Open home delivery locker business use image - YouTube

Investigation of "200 million yen payment" by the Buddhist prosecution, 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games - BBC News

"Darkness of escaping tax tax haven" (hourly public opinion) | time theory public opinion | NHK commentary committee | commentary archives

Mr. Trump gets nominated and editorial committee eats up on paper | NHK News

Following Mr. Trump 's surety to win the Republican nominee this month, Mr. Milbank released on the Internet the eating of special course meal made from newspaper prepared by Washington restaurant on the Internet.
Mr. Milbank who enjoyed meals with a bitter smile, such as tacos which covered the chopped newspaper or fried white fish wrapped in newspaper, said, "Although the newspaper can not be swallowed hard, but the words of Mr. Trump I can not swallow more. "

Kinokuniya Shinjuku South Station, sharply reduces the sales floor to de facto withdrawal: Asahi Shimbun Digital

Evacuation order of Fukushima Minami Soma Back to release from mid-July to mid-July | NHK News

"Mr. Masuzoe Governor" a blank paper receipt "" M Plus: TV Tokyo

Masuzo Masuzoe knew that Mr. Masuzoe had received the receipt by blank paper due to suspicion that Governor Masuzomo of Tokyo met the political funds for traveling and eating and drinking with family, according to TV Tokyo's own interview.

Governor Masuzoe, food and beverage etc "I want to refund" intent to continue the governor position: Asahi Shimbun Digital

Yuichi Masuzoe, the Tokyo Governor, reported on weekly Bunshun that expenditure from political organizations and the like were given for family trips was a regular press conference on 13th, about part of expenditures to hotels and restaurants, I'd like to repay it after correcting / deleting it. "

Sharp: 7000 people reduction examination ... Hon Hai, Judgment that employment is difficult to maintain - Mainichi Newspapers
In February 2016 "Sharp, Employment Maintenance "Pledge" Requested to Hon Hai Request for Innovation Organization and Balance - Sankei WESTThere was a report that.

FY2016 iron orbit project Capital investment plan Total of 48.9 billion yen for home door installation and station improvement work besides newly built vehicles | along the Tokyu Line | News of Tokyu Railway

◆ Lifestyle (life, life, health)
The Dalai Lama 14 legends will be held Osaka | NHK News

Even if I go on to college by scholarship, I do not reduce the welfare payment expenses to operation: Asahi Shimbun Digital

Kumamon tells Osaka for the handshake support support | NHK News

If you put down a nightmare administrator, it will be possible to operate on notification | NHK News

Among them, "homestay type" accepted by ordinary families is a policy to allow residents to notify the prefecture only by notifying the permission system, as it is easier for the guests to manage the safety of landlords.
Furthermore, in order to broaden "people's night", such as Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare establish restrictions on the number of business days so as not to compete with inns, etc. on condition that the landlord does not live together even if the administrator is placed, same as "homestay type" We decided on a policy to approve sales if we report to prefectures. The administrator is obliged to respond to troubles with neighborhoods and create a list of guests.

Until I decided to take a leave of absence - T_ritama's diary

Murata pig farm with manure dripping and Nara burger problem - Togetter Summary

Maitreya road project | Joruriji temple Okunosan downstream erosion control dam

What has been the source of dirtying the Akadagawa so far, at the Kisugawa City Council has been debated every year since the beginning of Kizugawa shi city. One of the places where the cause of water pollution is suspected is the Murata farm, located in the upper reaches of the Akadagawa River, in the Nagano River, Nara city. There is little turbidity and smell of water upstream from the Murata farm. There is a reality that the smell like manure urine or Dogu River is serious only on the downstream side of the Murata farm. Recently it smells particularly dark. There is a smell coming up to the ridge road above the valley. It may be that the wastewater is being drained as soon as the number of people out there is reduced.

However, there is an illegally manufactured industrial waste disposal site in the legal town of Nara city further upstream than the Murata farm, and there may be cases where unprocessed wastewater which seeped out from there is flowing out when heavy rain falls etc. is. For that reason, both Kizugawa City and Nara City only say that we can not identify the cause while admitting that the Akadagawa dirt is bad. In any case, it is certain that the quality of the Akadagawa River has deteriorated again from the moment. I think that I want you somehow.

It is said that the Murata pig farm currently says that wastewater treatment of manure by a septic tank is not costly because it is costly.

It is more severe than I imagined, and it made me feel the "business" of engineers at the same time, construction failure of Haneda Airport ground improvement work - Togetter Summary

◆ IT · Gadget (Net · Soft · Hard · Mobile)
[Corporate] LINE supports the establishment of information foundation institute for general foundation | LINE Corporation | News

Estonia's e-government was challenging from system infrastructure to applications - Sakura's knowledge

To purchase data capacity of smartphone in Seven - Eleven nationwide! Start of sale of "Data Charge Card" | 2016 | KDDI CORPORATION

Old Geographical Surface Map · Electronic Land Domain 'cyberjapan.jp' Abolition Notice | Geographical Survey Institute

We will abolish the domain "cyberjapan.jp" used in the former Geographical Survey Map / Electronic National Land Web in FY2003.
After abolition, the Geographical Survey Institute will not hold the domain "cyberjapan.jp", so please keep in mind.

A story of your life - a note of orangestar

What can an engineer do to protect communication safety

【HHKB】 Supreme keyboard with thought directly transmitted to your fingers - MIKINOTE

"Security design guideline for IoT development" released: IPA Independent Administrative Institution Information-technology Promotion Agency

"Making songs" is not too difficult! Talk - and Magician

Google Cloud Platform Japan Official Blog: BigQuery integrates with Google Drive

The latest trend of Web server hosting technology that simultaneously satisfies security and performance requirements / virtualhosting-security-performance-operasion // Speaker Deck

Lollipop has been offering hosting (rental server) service for about 15 years since 2001. Meanwhile, the quality of service required along with the evolution of hardware and software is getting higher, and it is important how to provide high-quality service while reducing operation costs of service providers. So, while studying at the Okabe laboratory of Kyoto University, we will improve the security and performance of the hosting service from the viewpoint of the software, while actually providing the architecture for controlling resources appropriately as a next-generation hosting project I will introduce the applied story and the future direction.

Attention to the fact that important information is disclosed on anonymous FTP server | Security information |

Reporters' Eye - Why do mobile phones do not sell Windows 10 Mobile smartphones at carrier brands: ITpro

SOFTBANK and Alibaba Group Establish Joint Venture to Provide Cloud Services in Japan | SOFTBANK CORP. | Group Companies | Corporate · IR | SOFTBANK Group

NEC Reinforces PCs for Business and Education (Compact Desktop PC with a Volume of 1 L Size Mountable on the Back of the Display) (13 May 2016): Press Release | NEC

◆ Anime · Game · Manga (Subcar)

【Quick News】 "Korokoro Comic Collaboration" at Bukichi Selection! Buki "Supara Roller CoroCoro" Gear "Korokoro Parka" "Korokoro Cap" addition decision! | Splatoon Capture - Nawabari Quick News

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Nakagawa Issami's manga family reintroduction / Isakami Nakagawa 【第 17 話】 Naohiro Konoei, appears again! "Year of 95 years when creation has changed completely" - Morning, afternoon, evening Joint Web comic site Moai

Sales of Skien HD, smartphone etc. 55% to 68.8 billion yen ... for the first time contribution of excess of HD game, "star Dora" "divergence" "SUST" "FFBE" "Mobius FF" Contribution | Social Game Info

What happened 2016 - Precure numerical blog

(PDF)The long-awaited "Rika-chan" new series was born! A special kilometé like Bijou (jewelry). RIKA BIJEY Series announcement of new release in June

◆ Sports · Entertainment · Music · Movie (Entertainment)
Fuji "Tokudane!" Caster Tomoaki Ogura bladder cancer surgery, resting - sponge Sponichi Annex entertainment

Mr. Minamino & amp; Kubo from overseas group is invited ... U-23 Japan Championship Commentary participating in the Toulon International Convention | GEXACA [Kodansha]

Below, U-23 Japan Chronological Table Member

▽ GK
1 Kabuto Masatoshi (Kashima)
12 Nakamura Yusuke (Kashiwa)

▽ DF
6 Kamekawa Ryoji (Fukuoka)
13 Mitsuharu Expansion (Tosu)
3 Tatsuki Nara (Kawasaki F)
4 Iwanami Takuya (Kobe)
2 Fan · Well Meskerken · In (Dorretcht)
5 Naoki Ueda (Kashima)

▽ MF
8 Oshima Shota (Kawasaki F)
7 Harakawa Force (Kawasaki F)
10 Shinya Yajima (Okayama)
11 Takeshi Nozuda (Niigata)
15 Takuya Kida (Yokohama FM)
14 Naotaka Maeda (Yokohama FM)
18 Takumi Minamino (Salzburg)
17 Yosuke Yosuke (G Osaka)

▽ FW
20 Takashi Takashi (Yokohama FM)
9 Yuya Kubo (Young Boys)
16 Takuma Asano (Hiroshima)
19 Kamada earth (Tosu)

Publish the U-23 Jomon Chien-Ten Member who will face the Toulon International Convention!

57: Mr. Nanashi 2016/05/13 (Fri) 14: 56: 05.40 ID: 3 QsdUwK / 0
Rio generation of a football powerhouse country

Germany ... .... Drusler, Arnold, Gaudino, Weisser, Ginter, Weigl, Sanne, Goletska, Stendela

Spain ...... Hese, Sandro, Munir, Paco · Alcacel, Deurofeu, Ascension, Williams, Gaya

England ...... Cain, Chamberlain, Sterling, Verahino, Chambers, Stones, Luke Show, Berkeley, Dere / Ali

France ... .... Poguba, Valan, Tovan, Rabio, Sanogo, Raporto, Marshall, Koman

Portugal ...... Neves, Guedes, Renato Sanchez, Bernardo Silva,

Belgium ...... Lukaku, Origi, Janusai, Malanda, Tiele Mans, Carrasco, Bakari

Argentina ...... Icardi, Viet, Dibara, Correa, Ransini, Kranene bitter

J regulation conflict or Mitsubishi of Urawa umbrella under the umbrella of Yokohama Nuclear Power - J1: Nikkan Sports

Soccer: What happens Urawa and Yokohama Mitsubishi and Nissan make a capital tie - Mainichi Newspaper

Companies with a high share holding ratio so that they can participate in club management are forbidden in the J League's conventions to hold large amounts of shares of other clubs. If Nissan holding 74.59% of Yokohama F · Marinos under the agreement to ensure fairness puts Mitsubishi possessing 50.625% of the stock of Urawa Reds under the umbrella, the possibility of falling under this agreement There is also.

What do you think is the most beautiful goal scene in soccer history?

(Leonardo) J Chronicle Best: 1995 Best Goal - YouTube

Playing against active Naohiro Takahara when he was enrolled in active career ... Japan football told by one of Argentina's best fostering leaders "Sample Chile" | Football King

- How is Japanese football seen from Santiago's perspective?
Santiago Japanese are speedy and play is accurate, but the size of the body is small and thin compared to Argentineans. And I feel that the strength of set play and organizational skill of defense are insufficient. Even in the World Cup, the match is often decided by one set play, and the more high level games, the more minor things in the defense will be involved in winning or losing. But since Japan has a wonderful development of both culture and economy, I think that it would be nice if you take a lot of time to play football. Japanese football is somewhat similar to Africa, I feel the possibility. Speed ​​is the hardest thing to raise the most in the elements of football. Power, endurance, flexibility, brains will grow if you train, but speed is difficult to stretch hard. However, since the Japanese have speed as a national character, it can be said that there are big weapons.

- What kind of thing should Japan do specifically to fill the difference in physical abilities with foreign players?
Santiago First, the easiest way to deal with is to place a tall player in the DF. Since there is a right place for a physical matter also, it is important to place big players in the DF from the training stage. Secondly, if small Japanese people have to mark large foreign players in the body, I think Chile should be a sample. The Chileans are similar in physique to Japanese people, playing a good football at the World Cup, and in 2015 they controlled the Copa America. There is always a weak part even for large players. I think that it is important to grasp the weaknesses of your opponent and learn how to become advantageous. Sanfrecce Hiroshima who fought against Liber at the Club World Cup, although the content of the game was good, I missed the victory with one mistake. As football's victory or defeat depends on small detail, it is important for Japan to make the most of its details.

"Drunken referee" OUT ... falling with stagger feet & amp; pissing during game!? License strikes | Gexaca [Kodansha]

According to the Czech Republic Football Association statement, Mr. Pirney seemed to be "apparently drunk", and it is believed that Mr. Yef had made a piss during the game.

Двое чешских арбитров дисквалифицированы Czech Drunk referees бухой судья пьяный арбитр футбол - YouTube

◆ China ◆ Unprecedented "Kung Fu Super Brawl after the game" burst! "Bomb violent corps" as prey for collective assault (movie)

Hanshin - Giants war collision based proposal present / Rikasaki critic - Sato's gossip story - Baseball column: Nikkan Sports

Orix, win the former Mid-day Clarke! "I am happy that I can play again in Japan. (I'm doing it ^ o ^)": Daily news bulletin

The Shinto shrine accepts the shortening plan from July to September The issue of borrowing Jingu Stadium: Nanjiashi Stadium @ N J Summary

Mr. Masahiro Sasaki at the first trial of the defendant to the defense witness | NHK News

◆ New product (clothing / food / housing)
Resumption of shipment of liquor in Kyushu area May 13, 2016 News release Suntory

"1 Satisfaction Bar Honey Honey Lemon Tart" June 6 (Monday) New Release! It is! | Asahi group food

2016 Yuan 'Calpis' gift · 'Welch's' gift released May 17 (Tue) released! | News Release 2016 | Company Information | Asahi Beverages

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