"Fate / Grand Order" talk event which the staff who held the ceremonial announced game development backstage & new information also

TYPE-MOON's first adventure game for smartphonesFate / Grand Order"Voice Actors & Special Talk Events by the Development TeamMachi ★ Asobi vol.16Talk and story that was done only at Machi ★ Asobi was held.

Machi ★ Asobi Fate / Grand Order

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The talk event of "Fate / Grand Order" was held twice on the first day of Machi ★ Asobi vol.16. The first time is "Machi ★ Assobi SP Talk Event" held at Awashin Hall.

In the lobby of Awashin Hall, Fate / stay night's Saber & Kijitsu welcomes you.

More than 800 customers gathered at the venue, and the seats were nearly full. Toshiyuki Kanazawa in charge of Aniplex advertisement, Risa Taneda serving as Mash Killier Wright, Ayako Kawasumi as the role of Altria · Pendragon, started talking.

In the game, from April 27th to May 18th, a lot of characters of the animation "Fate / Zero" appeared and the event which draws a new story at the time of the 4th Holy Grail War "Fate / Accel Zero OrderIs being held. Mr. Taneda and Mr. Kawasumi recalled pickups to commemorate the duty, both of whom were so happy that they could scream unexpectedly by reserving the servant "Iskandar" who first appeared in the game.

Fate / Accel Zero Order seems to be a story to grasp the heart of the user from the beginning by writing the original story by the original author of "Fate / Zero" - Mr. Kabuchi Gen. Characters that came to a sad ending in animation also said that there are scenes that feel loveliness in games. In the early part of ACT - 1 there is encounter with new character ... ....

In ACT - 2, Kayness and Saber in black suits appeared, and a person who saw Fate / Zero is packed with episodes that can be announced.

Also, a story different from Fate / Zero, such as a mysterious servant wearing a red hood appeared, is also one of the charm of the event.

Here, Yosuke Shiokawa of DELiGHTWORKS who will serve as the creative director of FGO PROJECT appeared. Mr. Shiokawa, who joined the development team after the start of Fate / Grand Order's service, mainly planned in-game events, renovated / improved / added game system, as a bigger job, requests from users and TYPE-MOON It is said that he is at the center of development, including implementing it in the game. Last time we held a collaboration event with "sky boundary", so many users attended the event, so it seems he faced the plan of Fate / Accel Zero Order with the desire to exceed the sky boundary event. In fact, Mr. Shiokawa said that more users participated in the Fate / Accel Zero Order than the development team assumed, and the timing when the user could not play smoothly happened.

Fate / Grand Order has just been updated on 27th April, but Mr. Shiokawa said "There is pressure to bring servant to renovation once to perfection". In the update, we were planning to change only the treasure of the servant at first, but it seems that it was almost entirely renovated as we add various things. At the talk event venue, the image of the motion that became a new battle ... ...

A picture of a new motion when treasure was activated was screened. "Altria's treasure tool (Special Moves skill)" Promised Victory Sword Excalibur "is wrapped in golden light when Altria is activated ......

Shout out "Ex ... ... Caliber!" And release the treasure. At the venue the voice was not played due to a voice problem, Kawasumi did a raw athlete, big claps were sent from the fans.

Gilgamesh seems to have renewed the motion & voice of the main body because the motion of the child gill has become too gorgeous.

About the raise of Kizuna Lv., Which was also implemented in the update, he said that he went in cooperation with a writer who is in charge of character setting, and added that the character is newly added in consideration of the original conceptual dress style .

Mr. Shiokawa from Mr. Shiokawa announced that it is planning to hold a very summery event around the summer, and a rough illustration of swimsuits of two kinds of characters under development was announced at the venue only. In a cute & sexy illustration, Mr. Shiokawa said "Please look forward to the details".

Fate / Grand Order Machi ★ In commemoration of Asobi exhibition, 10 gallery statues are presented to all players. In addition, the sticker, a square card type can batch set in which the SR / SSR character was drawn, and the ruler T - shirt were gifts for lottery, saying "I got some benefits for those who came to the venue." The sticker was drawn by Fate / Grand Order's key visual.

The ruler T-shirt is a design with a cross on the chest and illustration on the back.

Lastly there is a greeting from the cast members, Kawasumi says that not only Fate / Grand Order but also Fate / Zero is a nice story, he says he wants the event to see the anime as well, as the Fate series will expand in the future Comment that I want you to come along. Mr. Taneda said that he would like to support Fate / Grand Order as a fan and want to make Fate / Grand Order kicker so that people who like the Fate series can increase it.

Next, at "Creator Talk" held at Theater 1 of ufotable CINEMA, Mr. Ishikura of Marketing Director who is an advertisement, publicity, publicity of the game, publicity of the game, and advertisement on Twitter, Kanazawa of Aniplex, Creative Director Mr. Shiokawa Three people appeared. Almost all the guests who gathered at the venue ufotable CINEMA had played Fate / Grand Order, nearly 100 customers gathered and the standing up was so far.

Mr. Shiokawa and Mr. Ishikura appear in the hands and arms holding red cursed curse. Approximately 20% of the venues are raising hands to the question "Who has reached 120 in master level MAX?" It is difficult to actually reach the master level 120, and it seems that the two of the development team are still around level 117.

Are the people in charge of development and marketing actually playing in the game? Mr. Shiokawa replied, "All development teams are doing scary games," to the question. It is said that there are times when staff who are not involved in maintenance are waiting for a moment, such as the timing of the maintenance opening, putting a game on a personal smartphone instead of a debug machine. Mr. Shiokawa said that there are many development teams who are hooked on making games that they think are fun. Mr. Ishikura commented that the staff revealed that the person who exceeds the master level 110 is in Zara and might be surprised, but the staff is also purely enjoying the game on the user's point of view. Of course he said he was going to summon himself.

Next, when asked about the recommended servant, Mr. Ishikura likes Buster cards that are forceful, Main is Gil, support is Sakata Kinpu presumption. Mr. Shiokawa said that he was not inferior in performance, but was inserted into the 4th servant 's run slot for the first time. It is said that the distributed servant is planning to make a strong character and it is sometimes strong if you notice the event's limited conceptual dressing later, so once you look at the character calmly and think about how you can use it I was talking.

Mr. Shiokawa cited the occurrence of a bug in the way she fought at the time of the battle of Maintenance at the question "What was the recent hard work in the development / play of Fate / Grand Order?". It seems that it was caused by partly being broken where motion data does not know, it said that it carried out emergency maintenance and modified it. Mr. Ishikura cited the check of all the 228 pages of the "TYPE-MOON ACE" appendix brochure "Servant Storage". In order to express Fate / Grand Order's view of the world, it seems that the staff did check at night and checked because there is a case where nuance is incorrectly transmitted when there is one word.

The currently in-game in-game event "Fate / Accel Zero Order" has the most active users in the past and it is a great success event. The reason why I collaborated with Fate / Zero was that when I was planning to collaborate with another title originally, including the "boundary of the sky", there are places where I can not understand somewhere, "Customers who are playing the game now What is it that you willingly appreciate? "As a result of thinking, it seems that he decided to collaborate with Fate / Zero. The event title is said to have been sent from Mr. Kamiuchi one day as a matter of fact.

In addition to the two illustrations of summer swimsuit events announced at Awashon Hall, one newly developing illustration was exhibited for the venue only, and at the moment three types of characters are being planned for swimsuit events It was revealed to be.

The holy grail that you can get when you clear each chapter of the game is about time it has accumulated, but what on earth do you use it for? In response to the question, Mr. Shiokawa commented that "the Holy Grail will be implemented to raise the maximum level of servants." It seems to be an item that everyone in the master can use as you like, such as raise the character which is low in rarity and is stopping at level 70 to 80 to level 100 and further strengthen the character of level 90. Although the function itself was decided, there was no chance to explain easily, and it was said that it was made public for the first time at this event.

Mr. Kawasumi cast, Mr. Taneda, and Mr. Kanazawa of Aniplex all got Iskandar, and Mr. Ishikura also challenged 10 consecutive summons. However, unfortunately not at the venue.

Customers also challenged 10 consecutive summons with candidacy, but we can not get Iskandar here as well. It was hoped that the power of Tokushima might attract rare characters during the gore ★ Assoby period.

Lastly, the Janken Tournament was held with a ruler T - shirt. By the way, the design of the ruler T - shirt was done by Ishikura - san, and I was wearing a T - shirt also at the talk event.

Mr. Ishikura does not go to places such as talk events so much, realized the appearance of the user who supports the game with this talk event, comment that the mind got warm and became happy. Talking that I saw the face of the user in a real place, I got the ability to work hard for a long time in the future. Mr. Shiokawa said that he would like to continue development, keeping in mind the "How does the game become fun?", The talk event during the great success closed the curtain.

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