Restless movie & completely yellowed "Apple IIc" to restore pure white so that you can use it Restore movie

Apple announced in 1984 "Apple IIc"It is a retro computer with more than 30 years passed since its release. Its main body is yellowing to make it feel a long history, and the video terminal that outputs video has a problem, but it restores old computer and it collects itThe 8-Bit GuyHas released a movie that restores such an old Apple IIc to the same shiny state as a new one.

Apple IIc Restoration and video jack repair - YouTube

The Apple IIc you got is completely yellow and in a state that makes you feel old.

In the main body there are traces of sticker that peels off the seal ......

There is also dirt left under the Apple mark.

Dirt like a black stain remains in the part of the carrying handle as well.

In addition, when you try to connect to the CRT monitor with a yellow video cable, the picture goes on and off.

Because it has been used up, the terminal on the main unit side has become a graffiti. It can not be used very much as it is.

To revive such Apple IIc, The 8-Bit Guy will challenge the restore.

First of all, I clean up the dirt that can be dropped with ethanol (denatured alcohol).

Scrub the ethanol with cloth.

The surface dirt has become clean.

Black spots on the handle part are also ......

Totally clean.

Next, I remove the dirt of the groove with a toothbrush.

If some dirt falls, next to full flushing. First open the case and disassemble.

Remove the top board ......

Remove the keyboard, power supply, floppy drive.

When removing all the parts, the logic board appeared.

At the lower right is an 8-bit CPU "65C02" that was commonly used in computers at the time.

This LSI, which is aligned with the slurry, is a memory element and has a total capacity of only 128 KB. However, it is said that 8-bit computers can also be called large capacity.

Continue decomposition. It is safe to put screws in a box that can be subdivided like this so that screws will not mix.

Remove the logic board ...

Also remove the metal panel and disassemble thoroughly.

Remove the speaker with a flathead screwdriver.

Place the case where all the parts are removed on the sink and apply water to remove the dirt.

The logic board uses air duster to remove dust.

Next, to the work to remove the yellowing of the plastic case which has been washed. Place a plastic film like Saran wrap on the table ......

I will spread the detergent on it. This detergent is based on an aqueous hydrogen peroxide solution and is often used for removing plastic yellowing. It is the same as what is called oxygen type bleach.

The bleach is spread evenly with a brush ......

Place the plastic panel on it and wind the plastic film so that the bleach will adhere to the surface.

Then take it outdoors and set it to hit the sun's light.

This is to react the bleach using the ultraviolet rays contained in sunlight. Anything is OK as long as it is ultraviolet rays, so you can substitute black light, for example.

During bleaching, repair of the video terminal which caused a bad condition. As I pinch my fingers like this, I am in a state of graffa ... ...

Fasten again with solder.

Solder it to the metal parts of the mounting base, and fix it further firmly.

Next, disassemble the keyboard and wash it.

Remove the protective rubber sheet.

Although I wash it with water, it was ......

To aggravate with aging. I can not do anything anymore, so I abandoned the reuse of the rubber sheet.

When decomposing the keyboard, only the space key discolored to pure yellow for some reason.

For that reason, put only the Space key alone into a bag and treat with bleach and sunlight.

Put the remaining keys together in a bag and treat with bleach.

When washing away the main body which has been processed completely with water ......

In this way, it revives into a pure white state.

But if you look closely, the bleach did not work well, or where the yellow stains remained.

In addition, it turned out that yellow discs remained in the parts of the disk drive.

Therefore, we decompose the disk drive and process it.

Turning over the disk drive, the drive belt can still be used.

Bleaching untreated plastic parts. Furthermore, bleach was carefully painted on the part where the spots remained and processing was carried out again.

In this way, it returned to a pure white state.

When cleaning is completed, reassemble the logic board.

When connecting the monitor and turning on the power again, the test pattern is displayed on the screen and turned out to be operating normally.

Then, restore the keyboard.

And when I turn on the power ...

"Apple IIc" character is displayed on the screen, and it turned out that it started normally.

I installed a floppy drive ......

Equipped with a main body cover that became as new as new.

Apple IIc that was in this state before cleaning ... ...

To the same state as a new article that shines pure white, it is as it was.

As I found out that it works normally, when inserting a floppy and launching the software ...

Adventure game "Maniac MansionIt started safely. There was no disorder in the image of the monitor, it seemed to be able to play without problem.

In this way, Apple IIc has revived as new. However, because treatment using aqueous hydrogen peroxide solution is not permanent, there is a possibility that it may turn yellow again. In future it is necessary to be careful not to expose it to sunlight.

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