Steven King's horror novel "IT - It -" is again made into a movie and its release time is determined

There are many works made into films by Steven King's original novel such as "Green Mile" and "The Sky of Shawshank", but Horror novel by Stephen King who was made into a TV drama "IT - It -"Will be made into a movie again and the timing of opening was decided.

It Release Date Announced: New Version of Film Coming in 2017 | Variety

"IT - It -" was a horror novel announced in 1986, in 1990 ABC broadcasting in the United States converted into a continuous TV drama and broadcasted 1 part and 2 copies twice in all. A young man who knew the murder case that a child was murdered by someone remembered the existence of "evil clown (IT) called penny wise" which became a trauma from early childhood due to the nature of the incident and gathered with old friends It is rough content to beat Penny Wise, but there may be people who have never seen a penny wise of strong impact even those who have never seen a TV drama.

It was announced in 2009 that "IT-It -" was made into a movie, and it was decided that Mr. Carrie Fukunaga would be the director in 2012, but from the difference in the direction of the scriptMr. Fukunaga descendsI was worried even if it was actually taken or not.

However, according to the entertainment media Variety, New Line Cinema and Warner Bros. have decided on "September 18, 2017" the release date of "IT - It -". The new director will be decided by Mr. Andy Musquiety of Argentineans and the shooting will be scheduled for the summer of 2016. It is likely that it will be a pleasing news for the original fan that the release timing has been decided after turning from the state where it is released to not being known.

In addition, you can understand what kind of character the evil clown "Penny Wise" appearing in "IT - It -" is only a little if you see the movie below.

Scariest Movie Villains: Pennywise the Clown - YouTube

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